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Recommended Posts

Welcome to East Coast Car Club!

This is where we will be doing nightly meets. Most meets will be held between 8pm-10pm (GMT) nightly.

Anyone is welcome unless you don't follow the rules and ruin the fun for others.

In every one of our meets we have a car type, for example:

one night we will have Sedans the next we would have sports cars the next muscle cars etc...

The time of the event and the type of car we will be using will be announced before the event starts.


Impromptu race



Street races

Drag races



Demolition derbys

Cops Vs Robbers

NOTE: All of these games may not be played in one meet it all depends on what cars we choose to use.


1.) Every one has to be able to hear the host

2.) When cruising everyone stays in line

3.) If you have mic please be quiet when hoast is speaking

4.)No killing

If any of these rules are broken you will be kicked immediately!


Leave your PSN and you will be invited to a chat (Text Only), if you do not join the chat you will not receive an invite to the private lobby.

​The lobby does not fill up straight way so if you're a little late we may be able to squeeze you in :)

Host: Username: Mraqeel

PSN: adot_gangsta

Co Host: Username: CassieVain

PSN: CassieVain


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u forgot 1 lol

no those are all the sedans but 1 was something else got it from GTA wiki copied it over thats why

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can we include compacts?

the theme is sedans



Edited by stryder-NL
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If you guys are doing the meet later today add RacistWHITEGUY1 or i'll just add you guys and just invite me.

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Sedan Night:




Sedan Night:






This was todays?

Edited by RacistWHITEGUY1
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Guys i had really bad connection last night aswell as that my mic kept gwn silent so i left the meet my apologies i will get some 1 with gud connection to start up and invite me to a invite only lobby and to see the diffrance my apologies to the pple for leaving the meet tho

Edited by mraqeel
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i wanna join add me on psn : jainy04




[Dutch nigga]

ben met me neef en paar vrienden gta aan het spelen doe je mee?

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i will be on later im still having lagging issues so just trying to sort it hopefull should be alright for tonight

but is there an meeting tonight?

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