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80's Revival:Vaporwave/ Synthwave/Retrowave/Chillwave/Darkwave/Electro


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So people. Come next tuesday, will you be playing GTA Online heists or Hotline Miami 2?


I will get HM 2 at some point but for now heists are more important for me.


Talking about GTA Online... driving around the map while listening to synthwave is awesome, really relaxing. Or just taking a speed boat and listening to this:




Found this yesterday, another great song that could be playing on Radio Mirror Park:



Edited by DaWiesel
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Edited by Testarossa
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I'm not really sure about the latest one.

If none fits, or if only the first fits, suggest me one via PM and I will edit the post.

This thread is great, don't want to ruin =)



Edited by BlackScout
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Richard Power Colt

A new one from the top tier(edit: at first it was incorrectly named as a Perturbator song, a cool track anyways):



Also here's some random track I clicked on Maniac Synth afterwards, apparently the artist is from my country which is quite nice. Good track too:



Should start checking on new stuff more again. Would make my work days a bit more fresh.

Edited by GTAandStuff
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Dat name tho:



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  • 2 weeks later...
Richard Power Colt


Quite literally perfect.


Didn't really expect to hear Mitch Murder in HM2:




Edited by GTAandStuff
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