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[PS3] Rogue Angels MC


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Rogue Angels MC Is Recruiting

Rogue Angels MC is a motorcycle club which started in the 90's in Paleto Bay. What started as a few friends soon turned into chaos. With them moving onto bigger things such as import/export of drugs, the friends started fighting about money, respect and leadership. Soon a few of the friends found themselves in the back of a Mule, heading towards the sea where they soon drowned, trapped inside a box.


Soon after, all of the Rogue Angels were gone. Nobody has heard from them since. Until now.


WilliamW94x is the leader of the Rogue Angels MC, and the son of one of the founding members. He has brought the MC back, to bring a new found fear and respect to the name of the MC, in honor of his father. Although he loved his father very much, he knew that his father didn't have a clue what being part of an MC was all about, and that his father and his friends were nothing more than violent thugs and that was the only reason they got so far. There was no order, no chain of command, no discipline. That's not the way WilliamW94x is running things.


We have no entry requirements apart from you have to own a Western Daemon, Western Bagger or a LCC Hexer. We can help you get one of these if you don't have one.


We have 2 clubhouse's, one is the garage located in Paleto Bay. The other is our actual clubhouse located in Mount Gordo.


Garage In Paleto Bay



Clubhouse In Mount Gordo



Location Of Both


To Apply Please Send Us A Request On Social Club.

We are looking for Commissioners, Lieutenants, Rep's and some Soldiers. All applications welcome.


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Sounds Fun Searching For The Crew Now Add Me On PS3 gedekgedek We Can Host Some Good Bike Meets

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No worries mate, I'll add you soon. Can I remind everyone who would like to join that you need to join on Social Club aswell, otherwise your not in the MC officially

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Yeah zayzay, i've accepted the social club invite. I'll add you on psn as soon as I'm online

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