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No mission after "House Party"


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Hey people please help me out with this issue, I completed the house party mission and after that I couldnt find any other mission, so I did the lowrider race, now, after completing that race "high stakes, lowrider" I still dont have any further missions appeared I waited a bit but still did'nt get a call, please guys help me out with this issue...

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Mission Tree: http://en.wikigta.org/wiki/Mission_tree_(GTA_San_Andreas)


Is the game modded?

Is the Map 'activated'?

Should be a marker on Sweet's Front Lawn.


On the PC? Using Samutz's Uploader / Downloader: http://gtasnp.com/ we can take a look at the save.

Edited by lil weasel
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I hadmods installed but i removed them but I still have cleo 4 installed, I dont know what you mean by activated map, there is no marker at sweets front lawn

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Are the properties for sale in the LS countryside?


The usual cause for no more missions in LS is using a trainer or mod to unlock the other islands early. The odd thing is that the lowrider race is a phone call mission so... your clues don't quite match previous observations. Perhaps you made some changes recently and have a backup from before unlocking the other islands. If you don't have

any bad mods then cleo won't cause any problems on it's own, but if the trainer or mods have already damaged the save then you may as well start over.


If you aren't sure of the problem then upload your save to gtasnp.com.

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I hadmods installed but i removed them but I still have cleo 4 installed, I dont know what you mean by activated map,

When the Map is selected from the menu. Hold the space bar. A menu should pop up while you hold the space bar. All the items on the menu should be ON.


You must be new to Modding, as Cleo IS a mod. Remove it too. If you insist on keeping the Cleo you should be asking about the problem in the Modding Forums.

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