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Ban these people


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1. Anyone using the flyin glitch in a public lobby. I drive two miles to a crate and one of these assholes shows up out of nowhere


Gonna do that do it with your friends, jerk.


2. Anyone who has used god mode in a public lobby. Think you're cool? You're the only one.


3. Anyone using 'mod menus' to drop random crap in the road and generally be a nuisance. Really? You have a jb system and all this fancy stuff, and you get your jollies from makin asteroids spawn? GET A LIFE


4. Passive mode users. From now on, anyone that uses passive mode can be put in a passive server where they can all sing hippy songs around an f'n campfire. I am over rank 200 and guess what? I never use passive, and I hardly ever even lock my car. LEARN NOT TO SUCK SO MUCH


5. Money glitchers. Put them all in their own broken lobby. I'm sick of them and their ugly cars and they usually suck pretty bad at the game anyways



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