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Super Cars?


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Which should be my first super car purchase? I own a souped up Jester, looking to purchase a legit super car to use in races. What should I buy?

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The Pegassi Vacca has been recommended by every single Youtuber to be the first supercar you buy whenever you have enough money, although it's been recently proven that the Voltic, despite not having Turbo available, when completely stock performs better than most of the supercars (if I remember correctly it was 2nd in a 1000m test that some user from this forum made, only beaten by the Entity XF).


If you have more money, I would consider buying a higher-end supercar such as the Cheetah or spending said money tuning the Voltic so you could have a little money to buy your second supercar.

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If you're looking to buy a supercar solely for racing you would want to get the Zentorno. The Zentorno is the best car in the game overall. The only reason to buy any other supercar would be for looks.

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If you are interested in gaining more money/rp, I suggest either the Zentorno, or Entity, because you can not be shot at from behind while doing missions such as rooftop rumble, or in free mode. They are are both great cars for racing as well.

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I would suggest a Zentorno, it combines aspects of the Adder (Top Speed), Entity (Acceleration) and Cheetah's (Handling) defining characteristics. Although personally, I prefer to use less commonly used supers such as the Bullet. In the hands of a skilled enough driver any super would do really, just a matter of how much you're willing to spend.

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If you want a cheaper supercar that performs well, I recommend the Grotti supercars, the Turismo R at 500k and the Cheetah at 650k. They have impressive traction in the cheetah's case and a good acceleration and top speed with the Turismo. Also, as an added perk, the Cheetah is uncommon so you can bask in your glory of being unique haha. The Turismo can keep up with the Entity XF and the Zentorno if you are a good driver. Besides, they also look sleek and aerodynamic, looking like real race cars :D

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If you are on xbox, drop your gamertag, so you can test one of my supercars.

I reccommend Turismo R/Cheetah, cause it seems if your car is more expensive you will be attacked for no reason.

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Get the Cheetah, Infernus or Bullet if you want one that has some style.

Edited by BigJoe_1
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I've had each car in the game and the best ones from my point of view are:


1) Entity

2) Zentorno

3) Turismo (which is great because if you have a head on collision, the hood's shape prevents damage most of the time)



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