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Wanna Be apart of a Web Series Bro?

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The video below is something you may or may not want to be apart of.....

Alright, now 1st and foremost, I'm LoS iNamiK and I'm in LYTZ Out SoCiety in a division known as LoS Productions(I'm the leader of it all). LYTZ Out SoCiety is not a clan, we're not a community, or a crew or anything like that. We're an online Gaming SoCiety with multiple divisions such as BlackLYTZ and LoS Productions. LoS Productions is a division focused on making Machinima films, skits, web series and soon other things i can't say at the time being... This is a pretty loyal and committed production. and a lot of time and dedication goes into our work and its fun and rewarding. But this is also a very serious and mature division, meaning we take this very seriously and this isn't something for kids or you're average gamer and we look for like minded people to join us. Weather you have a background in filming, being in the industry, a movie/game lover, being a critic, designing you're own game, or just a passion for it, is considered like minded. Not just because "it looks cool". A lot of time and dedication goes into this such as a 9 hour rehearsal before next day shoot, etc. Now it is required that u are mature, patient and likeminded. So if you're not mature or likeminded you may stop reading and continue with your lives.. but if you are....keep reading ;)

We have a lot of awesome people in LoS, and we even have legal documents for our production that all members have to sign in order to cover our assets. Before it was optional to sign, but because of a leak, it is now mandatory. Plus we are getting alot of other collaboration requests from other YouTubers which they will have to sign as well. Were looking for people that can be available, fly, shoot, drive realistically. Not GTA style. We need stunt doubles, actors, main actors, supporting actors, extra's, the whole kit and kaboodle! We test everyone out for each role but we don't give anything to anyone if they don't want it. You limit you're own possibilities of what you want to do in LoS. But with every position is a responsibility and we won't assign anything to anyone who doesn't see fit. There are rules as well and we expect you to behave and follow the rules that are given to you. We also have set schedules, there will be meetings, discussions, rehearsals, and shoots that you will need to attend to. If you are online at anytime and there is something scheduled, then It is mandatory that you attend these but if you are not online then its not a issue. If you do know your going to miss something in advance, then pls msg LoS iNamiK about your schedule or absence and you will be excused.

LoS overall has a lot to offer, from benefits to incentives, even changing you're gamertag rewards you. This is a fun, mature and rewarding SoCiety. You maybe game every single day. Doing the same missions, and etc... but why not start something new?...wanna join?

Edited by iNamiK

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Should probably include a social club link in your post as to avoid getting this locked.

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Should probably include a social club link in your post as to avoid getting this locked.


We're not a Crew. Joining our crew doesn't make you apart. thats just an ingame feature. To be apart of us you would have to register on our own website. But if i'm breaking the guidelines, feel free to remove this post.

Edited by iNamiK

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