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Anyone good with SAMP? Server didn't respond, retrying problem...



I keep getting this error. I had to do a "recovery" for my computer. What it does is simply reset my computer back to factory default settings, but keeps my files intact. Nothings changed with my GTA SA, I assure that.

- My internet is fine.
- It's allowed through my firewall.
- AV isn't blocking it.
- I'm on the correct version of SAMP for the servers I'm trying to join.
- I've rebooted modem.
- I've reinstalled both SAMP and SA.
- I run as admin.

- I've renamed my SA folder.

- I've deleted gta set or w/e. You know, because why not.

Nothing seems to be working and I cant figure out the source of the problem.


There are no servers that work, and so I turn to GTAF as some of you actually know something. Granted this problem is more SAMP. The people on the SAMP forums are a bunch of idiots still asking me if I'm on the right SAMP version.


As for the trivial questions


- Yes I own the game

- Yes, I'm on 1.0

- Yes, I have mods. The same ones I had before this problem when it worked.

Edited by Will Troll

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2 answers to this question

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lil weasel


Your DVD is damaged.

You were banned.

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Your DVD is damaged.

You were banned.








Breaking News: We are getting confirmation that I am infact one of those SAMP idiots we've previously mentioned. In fact, I installed 0.3z rc3 (for servers) instead of the client R1.


This is why I never got into any of the good schools.




I'll holler when I inevitably f*ck up again.

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