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Trevor no new mission after bikers kill?


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I've been driving/running/shooting for ages after my mission of killing the bikers with Trevor but I cannot seem to get a new one. Also,the other characters are not yet available again as they're hiding after the robbery.


I've also completed some Trevor strangers mission by capturing 3 unknown people as requested by the woman in the desert, for which I received 15K per person.


Now,nothing happens. Normally the mission of Ron should start now (with flying and sniping) but I dont see any H icon at Trevors place, neither when I go there.


So,apart from having some freeriding fun, the game is useless currently! :(


Can somebody help pls?



Ps: Ive recently activated and played GTA online. Does this have something to do with it??

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That's a bug I have never gotten on any mission but smetimes to activate some stuborn Strangers and Freaks missions I had to kill myself and reload afterwards and sometimes it works :/

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