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Will next-gen GTA 5 be $10 or regular price?

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Edited by x_CrazyBuns_x

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I guess the only way to get some discount is to return your current gta 5 before the value goes down after next gen releases

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Why would it even be $10? lol $20 at least. But no, it's gonna be a full $60 price, i'm 99% sure.

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I know Call of Duty it costed $10 to upgrade to the next gen version if you bought the last gen version. So will gta 5 be the same?


Only version that i think is worth purchasing for another $60 would probably be the PC version because of mods and significant graphic upgrades.




As youre the biggest hater/retard ive seen on these forums i think this is perfect for you




wasnt so hard was it?

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I can guarantee that it is going to be $70-80, no trade-in, and knowing R* they might even pull some BS like having to pay $20 for previous DLC and then also have to pay another $10 for Heists. Sounds about right...

Yes, because Rockstar are known for making a game for one generation, reiterating it on another and charging for free DLC as well as charging extra for features that they advertised as being included (I know, I know).


You anti-Rockstar people need to step up your game. So many financial/commercial experts based on nothing more than "I want this and I want it now".


Chill out. Every piece of content has been free. The only thing you are "owed" is heists, which either have a fundamental issue or they are holding it back to test shortly before the redux. I won't defend Rockstar, but pick your battles and learn how to sound somewhat understandable of the subjects.



Nothing is free. It's all depends on the sales of shark cards on GTAO. They only release DLCs after the sales projection goals has been reached.

Edited by DIEXEL

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