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[Xbox 360] UK Gamers Unite (UKGU)


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Hi, coleydiizzle here. I've only recently registered but I've been browsing for a while, I think the work you guys do here is really awesome.


Anyway I'm going to get down to the topic at hand. As the title suggests my crew is looking to recruit UK Xbox 360 players. Now I'm not the head honcho of the crew but I am the one who probably plays online the most. Over the past few months some of our crew members have had to drop out for whatever reason, that's why I'm here looking to find some more people.


What with the coming heists we're looking to pick up as many people as we can. When the heists are eventually released I expect we would be playing those most of the time but up until then we like to race ((standard)land, sea, air), missions from all characters, parachute jumps and messing around in freeroam. No matter what skill you are, doesn't matter what rank you are 1 to 101 to 999, we just don't like idiots who don't take things seriously.


Crew/Gang Name: UK Gamers Unite
About: Just like to muck about with friends and have fun, we are all about having fun.
Leader Contact: coleydiizzle or ukd69 on Twitter/Live
Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/uk_gamers_unite/gtav
Platform(s): Xbox 360
Games: Race, Missions, Parachute, Freeroam
Timezone: BST, GMT, UK Time


If this all sounds like something you might be interested in then please join the crew, there are loads of spaces left. Message me on Twitter, send me a friend request or message me on Live. Twitter and Live are both; coleydiizzle.




Thank You,


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