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Looking for **ACTIVE** players. No bullsh*tters.


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This is... the Hoodlum Family

There are a lot of people falling off the "Active Players" list as of late.

People growing bored with the same daily activities in this game, and so am I.

But I'm always coming up with ways to play this game and I need a solid set of ACTIVE players that can contribute to this Gang.

We're a crew of 29 members. All active at any random time, but not active TOGETHER..

I want a NEW addition of real active people on GTA:O

I intend to expand my Gang's experience by applying different strategies and techniques, but I need new players to trial this out with.

It's extremely fun. We lure, we f*ck sh*t up, we terminate.

I don't intend to ride 4 deep in a car, point and shoot. But more of a "Dramatic" approach at things.

I'm looking for people who love to come up with creative ways to take down other crews/players.

Players who understand teamwork and appreciate effective communication.

Players who make wise choices and decisions in the heat of the moment.

Jack of All Trades type of players





If you're interested, post here or PM.

Gotta be in the US (PST preferred, but not essential. Flexible with Timezones)

gotta be 17+ and MATURE.

gotta be rank 50+ (In the case that you meet the criteria, but aren't sufficient in rank, contact me via PM)


Gamertag: MagicNarcosis


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