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Free Aim connection issue?


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Can anybody shed some light on this for me? Everytime I load up GTA V (PS3) I try to go straight online but it comes up with the message 'FAILED TO FIND COMPATIBLE GTA ONLINE SESSION PLEASE TETURN TO GTA V AND TRY AGAIN LATER' and each time I try and join Deathmatch it's a complete ghost town, almost as if it won't let me join other matches, however when I change my preference to Assisted Aim I can find full lobbies no problem..


Is this a problem with the latest patch I downloaded as it's only recently been a problem.


I know there's people playing free aim games but it won't let me join these lobbies.

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This has been a problem for me since 1.13 and I think they know that it is affecting free aim. Whether or not they are fixing it is anyone's guess.

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Yeah, i have this problem too on xbox.


I can usually find freeroam sessions if i retry, but getting job jobbies with people in them is rare...

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