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(PS3) Roleplay Community - Gangs in the 'Hood, MC, Polic, Drug Dea


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Tired of crappy public lobbies where it seems like you're playing COD instead of GTA? Tired of the monotonous gameplay? Wanted more from your experience with GTA Online? Always wanted to play as a gang member or cop? Well, look no further, this is the community for you.


We have 99 members right now as I type this (and we've only been up 2 weeks!!!). I admit that not all of them are approved just yet and we've just had a membership reset to get rid of disruptive and trouble making players, so everyone is currently doing their bios again, but I assure you we are active, we are welcoming, we are mature, we are organized and most of all, we are fun!!


There's numerous roles you could partake in here at Life in LS. We have many gangs/organizations available to choose from. I'll list them all for you.


- The Families

- The Ballas

- Marabunta Grande

- The Families

- Los Santos Police Dept

- San Andreas Transit Service

- Merryweather Security

- Los Santos Triads

- Los Santos Vagos


We also have businesses available to own and run (recently added system to our community), these are:


The Vanilla Unicorn (Strip Club)

The Meth Lab

Smoke on the Water

Yellow Jack Inn


We also have systems partaining to


Drug Dealing

Car Clubs


Fight Clubs

Mayor Contract Jobs

Faction training outside of event days

Illegal Street Racing


Are you interested? If so, please head on down to lifeinlossantos.proboards.com


Please be aware that to take part you will need to be active in the community, follow the rules as well as create a detailed bio introducing your character to the community. Also, it is preferred that you have a mic.


PS. Before anyone asks about the 16 player limit and such, we got systems to make sure everybody gets to take part on event days.


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we hold an official event every week


and we have polls to decide what time the events are held, (GMT time though)

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Can I use my own crew MC as a gang for this?

I'm sorry but no..Not to be an asshole, there is a reason behind this rule we have.. Basically we function like another story mode for GTA V. So every gang/organization/business we have has appeared in the REAL game. We have set the factions the way they are to maintain realism.


However, you could join The Lost MC if you were interested

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