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The Gangs are ruthless

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I think they were a little too annoying but challenging sometimes.

On 12/2/2018 at 3:27 PM, Hmmm nice bike said:

I remember properly playing through GTA III for the first time not long after playing through VC and SA, and this was the first thing I immediately noticed that felt a bit off about the game. Even crashing just a few times would cause your car to billow black smoke and be one bump away from exploding. I can see why they made vehicles tougher to damage in the following games.


On 12/2/2018 at 9:29 AM, TheSantader25 said:

I think worse than the AI is the vehicle damage. They just get destroyed way too quick. 


Just now, KingAJ032304 said:


It was the opposite for me as cars in gta 3 seemed more durable than gta vc and sa cars until you get 100% completion and double car health.

Edited by KingAJ032304

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I basically avoid entire sections of the LC after completing certain missions because of them. Kinda frustrating as I can only enjoy certain parts of the city free of abuse early in the game. Feels more limiting than other maps in the series.

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just do it bob1
On 8/4/2014 at 12:54 PM, universetwisters said:

I never found the yardies to be much of a problem. The Cartel, yeah they were a bummer when you left your vehicle near where they hung out and they attacked you with their AKs. But the worst had to be the Mob, especially how their shotguns can somehow cause your speeding vehicle to explode, along with the fact that with one hit from the shotgun you get knocked down. So I'm shot by the shotgun with about half my life left, I'm laying on the ground as like 4 mobsters stand over me, waiting to get up, and once I get back up - bam.


Goddamnit, whoever's leading the Leones now.

Big facts. 

The major problem with the Leones was if you wanted to get 100% in the game later on, you were f*cked because you had to do Vigilante and Paramedic as well as Firefighter on each island, and that includes Portland. I remember my first play through in GTA III when I was six years old, and I wanted to get 100%. I had already finished the story line so I literally got f*cked each time I did Vigilante. 

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Firefighter can be made easier by cancelling and restarting the submission so that each burning car spawns in a safe location in Portland. Same applies to Vigilante and the Rhino tank is bulletproof as well. Passing the Paramedic level 12 is an issue though.

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Ahh the memories of avoiding Saint Mark's and helping the Yakuza in their construction site war with the Cartel. 

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Cartel was always giving me trouble when I was completing the Taxi driver. Whenever the passenger's destination was Construction site or Cochrane dam, I knew those guys will start shooting me with his AK47 or Uzi when I arrive to their district, and maybe destroy my car enough to block me from delivering the passenger to his destination.

Luckily I discovered the BP cars some time ago and now all gangs are f***ed! :lol:

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