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rockstar + modders + sony/microsoft = forced to buy next gen system


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Lol you actually think modders won't make it to PS4/Xbox One.

It took nearly most of the ps3 life for modders/hackers to hack it and I'm sure ps4 will be having those holes well entirely patched.


Being you got to pay to play online, it will be easier to "g line" (wonder how many people will get that)someone from the server.


Rumor has it, you can call whine11 and have a glitcher/hacker banned instandly.

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OP, it's time to put the controller down, and go outside.

but its soooooooooooo hot outside

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OP, what sort of backward ass logic is that?


Next gen or not, there will always be cheaters and modders, as well as slew of new bugs (just look at every new update) anyhow. So, if you plan to move to 'next-gen' to escape those things, you've got your head in the wrong place.

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Lol the problem with a the exploits isnt so much that theu exist. Its that theres no detterent from using them.



Rockstar are to slow to punish players for cheating and exploiting. If they were on the ball they could have prevented the gifted billions fiasco by banning players a lot sooner before they had the chance to make the money so widespread and such a big issue.


Duping cars using various methods has been popular practically since day one. But if they came down hard and banned folks for doing it. A lot less people would risk it.


The problem is theres next to no chance of being banned so players exploit money rp and whatever else and dont even think twice about doing it.


You don't always need to fix exploits just punish players for using them. A strong detterent is enough for most gamers.

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