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How to obtain the GTA 5 files?


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I want to investigate GTA files but I don't know how I get the files like where it says jetpack blalabla etc can someone tell me that?

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Please, have a look at the threads before to ask for a request:




All is said into this topic, also regarding jetpack_coords_orientations etc.... (false positive)


Edit: Look at page 1 and following 40, 41 and following....

Another useful site is GTAV hasher from Glokon: http://gta5hasher.glokon.org/natives/


But, on my opinion, you are wasting your time because all these guys did a great job concerning these investigations. If there is something new, I am sure we will know it in game through updates, add-ons, DLC...

Just my personal opinion, though...

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