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Why does Michael and his family still have Witness Protection?

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I find it very weird that after C, Michael still uses De Santa as a surname and still has witness protection. Sure, alot of his old friends that he proabably had back in NY thinks he is dead, but why can't the FIB or Dave help Michael to break the witness protection some how? The main reason he got it was because of Trevor back in north yankton after the botched robbery. But now that Trevor knows about it, and he is kind of cool about it, why doesn't Michael go back to normal as Michael Townley? Or is the witness protection program permanent or something?

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He's not in witness protection - even though that's what he tells Trevor. The change of name is just to stop other law enforcement personnel realising who he is. It's entirely been set up by Dave Norton, who by the sounds of things, gets a cut of Michael's past ill-gotten earnings - this is strongly hinted at by the conversation with Lester "it doesn't look like any WitSec program I'm aware of".

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Exactly, and that's why Michael wants to keep Dave alive because "Nobody will f*ck with us afterwards", because Dave has no choice but to protect Michael's identity if he doesn't want to go to jail.

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kevin de santa

They should do a dlc where Dave dies and it would force Michael to come out of retirement

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Aside from Dave still protecting Michael's Identity, it's just a matter of convenience. The family (maybe except for Amanda) are used to the "De Santa" last name that they might as well keep it. I mean they had it for more than 10 years, his children had this name for half their lives, there wouldn't be much point going back to the "Townley" last name.

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Its just precaution so he's not getting butt-f*cked on the table by the law enforcement while they having a nice family dinner

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