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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Feelin Foxy Xbox Car Meets

Recommended Posts


Whatever cars you want. Just looking for some car people to chill with.


If you don't read the post and show up unprepared, YOU WILL BE KICKED



Executive/VIP theme

Meeting at the observatory

Convoy down to LSIA

Well all fly off in private planes


Car list:

Bmw, Audi, Benz, Bentley, jaguar, Aston, Cadillac, and Maserati 4-doors and SUVs

Plane list:

Vestra, Luxor, miljet




Spot 1: The rest stop with Ammu-nation, a convenience store/gas station, and chicken spot on the North/southbound highway on the east side of the map.





Spot 2: Willie's supermarket in Paleto Bay (pic to come)


Spot 3: Behind the Fire Department and Medical Center in El Burro Heights (pic to come)



What car you're in doesn't matter (unless otherwise stated). How your car looks doesn't matter. You won't be judged by your style or choices.


Here's a list of activities we've done:



rallying through dirt trails at high speed

Launching off mt chilliad after a cruise up

Wangan runs- high speed races between stores and rest stops along the highway

Drifting- docks, VW hills, wherever you guys suggest

And launching off of anything we can, like the hill behind sandy shores LSC with planes and copters on top doing stunts over

Also full lobby, high speed assault on Zancudo- everyone hit the jump at once and race fast and furious style up and down the runway, if your car gets beat up too bad, grab aircraft and provide chaotic cover fire

Race cruises- start a race but don't actually race it, just cruise for fun ; Example: play a custom race that covers a decent distance, with a nice amount of checkpoints. Well rotate classes and pick cool cars instead of worrying about what'll win. When it says go, just cruise at 1/2 - 3/4 throttle the whole way like we normally would. Then we also get RP for overtakes and finishing, as well as cash for just being there. Then we can switch up cars and classes each race so no ones repairing or switching

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT MEETS (when open) - These are party/drunk driving meets. Bring booze with you IRL if you're down. We find in game reasons to drink. Like every time you need a replacement car, switch cars, during drifting crash and come to a dead stop etc... Are all reasons to drink lol

Disclaimer- don't drink and drive IRL m'kay


I know a lot of you guys love your drag racing, I do too, however I've been seeing a lot of people join and spend the whole meet drag racing when I'm trying to get everyone together to do something. It's totally cool if you want to do your thing, but there's only so much driving in a straight line we can do before it's boring, so if I'm trying to do something besides what you want to do, I'd appreciate it if you found someplace else to do it. I get a LOT of people messaging me for these meets and sometimes we have players that aren't including themselves with the group taking up lobby space




No intentionally destroying other players cars

Mic preferred but don't be blasting your music through the headset

If someone says something that you don't like, respond respectably. I won't have people arguing over stupid crap when I'm just trying to bring people together for friendly play.


3 issues I'd like to address after having this meet a few times:



- that's totally cool if you want to stay in a party with your friends, HOWEVER, I have no way of knowing if you're in a party or just don't have a mic. If you join our lobby, either send me a message asking what were doing, or look at the map and come to where I/ the cluster of dots are

- also WE DO NOT JUST SIT IN A LOT THE WHOLE TIME, this is a meet not a show, we meet up and do stuff. Be aware of that, if were cruising somewhere just going fast having fun, it's no big deal if a couple cops chase us. Don't freak out over it

- if you join within the first 45 minutes or so of the meet, don't be surprised if it's a bit empty, after hosting quite a few meets since launch, I've learned it usually takes up to an hour and a half for the lobby to fill up, everyone meet together, people decide what car to use, and then start activities.














Please feel free to invite your friends, but fill them in on the general rules. Don't invite people you know if you know they're an ass or something. Also, feel free to post up pics from the meets!

Msg for invite


Or leave your gt in a post ahead of time if YOU KNOW YOULL JOIN



Crew Info


Crew page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/foxnhounds

Crew thread: http://gtaforums.com/topic/730983-foxnhounds-car-meetracedrift-crew/

All discussion regarding the crew will be in that thread and all meet related discussion will be here.


As a crew member, you automatically get invited to all meets.





Ii mcclurexd



Dr brotato


Wat y0u faka (god mode glitcher)

Saw u lookin



Whats offense

Ok segel (god mode glitcher)


itz x benm


The elite (kicked once, apparently it was unjustified, n.b.d. But had to talk sh*t after)



I don't hold anything personally. Everything is circumstantial. However, don't insult me after the fact. We're respectful people and expect the same in return.


Edited by Fox2Quick
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Dan Akroyde

I am kind of bored, maybe we can chill at the bmx park? Turning on Xbox now. GT - Dan Akroyde

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I'm down to cruise over there. Or even just have a civilized lobby with multiple things goin on

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What's a car meet? I'm genuinely asking, not trying to be smart. Do you just meet up and check out each others cars and stuff? Again, just curious.

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Yeah. Well take cruises as a group, race each other, drift, find cool picture spots

  • Like 1
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I tried joining after you invited us but for some reason it's not working for me. I'll try again soon

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Dan Akroyde

football? bah, don't really care for it. What time is the meet lol?



Edit: I read the OP, so 8pm it is?

Edited by Dan Akroyde
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8pm eastern time give or take 5-10 minutes


Edit: this started as a one time meet but I had so many people messaging me that I was able to do multiple meets. I'd like to consistently use this topic instead of starting new ones all the time.


Any chance a mod can change the title to Steve Fox's Xbox Car Meets ?

Edited by Fox2Quick
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I gotcha. I saw that in the stance meet thread and was about to throw a happy 86 day out there lol


Kinda makes me wanna strip down my Futo and remake takumi's panda again

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We are officially open. Got my Futo and another guy in here. Let's see how fast we can fill up

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