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[VCS] Who am I?


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Hello Friends! Here, I introduce you all- the Who am I game for GTA Vice City Stories! :)


The idea came to my mind from KaRzY6's 'Who am I' for GTA III, VC, SA and Fisciletti's 'Who am I' for IV.


Hope you will like it! :)



1st- Ray Margarita- 8 points

2nd- KBG- 6 points

3rd- markusizr- 4 points

4th- Vice City criminal- 4 points

5th- MotelGuy- 4 points

6th- SaL_Leone- 3 points

7th- ALAN41- 3 points

8th- Prince Gumball- 2 points

9th- Johan- 1 point

10th- AndroidModz14- 1 point

11th- RandomStunt- 1 point


Here are the rules-



  • NO off-topic or spamming
  • NO dirty talk or insulting
  • If someone answers a 'Who am I?' and gets it correct, and doesn't post a new 'Who am I?' in 24 hours. Anyone can take over.
  • After 3 incorrect guesses, give another clue.
How To Play:

Anyone can post a 'Who am I?' (A character from GTA VCS), and anyone else can answer it. If you get it right, you post a new one. Pretty simple :)



KaRzY6- Author of 'Who am I' game for GTA III,VC,SA.

Fisciletti- Author of 'Who am I' game for IV.


Anybody may take a turn now. :^:

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Umberto Robina, Ricardo Diaz and Lance Vance

You must post 1 clue at a time kid.


I will start again.

Clue 1- Pony

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Umberto Robina?

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EDIT : Too late

Edited by ALAN41
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