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Are you looking for a challenge that's actually fun?


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Are you looking for a fun challenge to play with your friends?

Then definitely try this!
This is a ''race'' with an insane big ramp that starts at the observatory and goes up in the sky until you can see pretty much the whole map around you, then after the jump, you have to land your car in a swimming pool down below!
It's surpisingly accurate, but you'll have to use the right technique to make the jump.


Basically what you have to do after the jump is pointing the nose of the car towards the sky but not completely!

You can do this by pulling the left analog towards you just a little.


Here's the race:

PS3: Coming soon

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The race has a big ramp? Nope. Not going to bother playing it.


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Yet another Ramp Race, just f*ckin great


''comming soon to ps3''? please no

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It's just a typical race with 1 straight large ramp. The title is very misleading.

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