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Business, Blood & Money [Mission Pack]


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"It's just a business.."


Miles Fischer is the leader of a small group that operates their

business around the towns of San Andreas. Along with his partner, Ramon

Cleverland, they've been doing their 'dirty business' for 2 years.

The story starts when the time they took over a ship. They found a small

machine and decided to throw it into the sea. A week later, they found out that the

machine is worth $500,000 and the deal was made by the Horizon Industry.

They decided to retrive the machine and will do anything for the sake of their future.


Miles Fischer

The founder of a small organization. They didn't have a name,

but they're known as the 'modern-pirate'.

Ramon Cleverland

Partner of Miles and known to be the mastermind of the organization.

Thanks to him, their businesses expanded all over San Fierro.


Loyal member of the organization. He knows almost everything that happened around the

state of San Andreas. Because of that, he was promoted to be a high-rank member.

Long Morton

A member of the Mountain Clouds and an old friend of Miles Fischer and Hoover.

They're small-time criminals in Vice City some years ago.

Luke William

Once he was a mafia member of Black Sky, but the organization

disbanded itself for some reason.


Founder and leader of the Red Cone company. Was

a former russian mafia several years ago.

Hoover Romero

Co-founder of the Red Cone. Back in his old days,

he's the one who leads the way.

Wayne Ramirez

High rank member of the Red Cone. Aknowledge by his leaders,

he's an assassin and known as the 'killer machine'.


Leader of the Mountain Clouds that operates their bussiness in San Fierro.

Rivers Morrison

President of the Horizon Industry. He's the one who offers the deal.

Vince Chambers

Assistant of Rivers




1. The Prologue

2. That's How You Get Killed

3. We'll Need Another Plan

4. We've Created An Alliance?

5. May The Best Ones Win

6. Call The Cops!

7. Agreement?

8. The Day Of The Meeting



1. Freeze. We Got You

2. I Got A Pistol!

3. I'm Losing Control

4. Let's Find Out

5. Everything's Gone

6. Out Of Fuel

7. Just Kill Me Now

8. No Mercy

Edited by MadMarshMallow
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Vinesh AKA SanAndreasDYOM

Another MP from Arejai? Yeah! GONNA PLAY IT!


Edit: Played the Chapter 1. Cool missions and they were awesome. Can't wait for Chapter 2!

Edited by Vinesh AKA SanAndreasDYOM
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Alan Eastwood

Yeeeeeeeeeeeees!! I'm going to play it for sure Arejai. Good luck with this =D

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Huzaifa khan

Wow! I'm going to play it right now.

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I played all your previous MP such as Max Parker, The Chasm, Prince of Cowboy and they were fantastic! I can't wait to play this one too.

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Arejai is back into business! Yeeeeeaaaah! After playing your previous successful MPs, i'm expecting this to be something awesome. Anyway, i'll try out your mission when i grab some free time.

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Wow. You're coming back to work on something new. I'll play it soon and I hope you'll manage to finish some already started MP's, like Prince of Cowboy and The Chasm. :)

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Awesome. I'll play this for sure. Good luck, MarshMallow!

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Thanks for the supports, guys. The 2nd chapter is still under making. Stay tuned!


@Kowalski I had the idea in mind, but I lost the plots I made months ago. Now I forgot about the full storyline, lol.


Btw, I won't be active in the forums as I used to be. :)

Edited by MadMarshMallow
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Alright, played the whole chapter 1, this MP is unique and as far as I can see, you still have your great DYOM style. The missions were great, not too hard or too easy, some gramatical mistakes appear sometimes but not much.


I realy liked the machines idea, 10 around SA and everybody is looking for it. Also, Call the cops was FREAKING AWESOME! Damn dude, I have nothing else to say about your work.


I hope your release chapter #2 ASAP.

Rating: 9/10.

Edited by gammoudicj
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I just finished the chapter 1, and I have to say I really like it. I felt like your rushing the story a bit, but maybe is just me. Even with that, I have to say that is one of the best I've played recently. Keep up!

Rating: 9/10

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@gammoudicj Thanks for playing this MP. Well, it's like an unavoidable mistake to me, lol.


Actually, it's more than 10 machines. You'll know it in the 2nd chapter.



@AlexanderS4 You're right. The story is a bit fast because of some reasons. Anyway, thanks for loving this MP.


Btw, that's an unexpected high rating from both of you. Thanks again. :)

Edited by MadMarshMallow
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Alright, since i played the first chapter, i wanted to give some feedback. All i want to say is just you're awesome dude! The story is freaking amazing and full of action. And especially i liked Call the cops. Man! It's great! :^:. I played almost all of your MPs and this is one of the best that i ever played in my life. At the end, i want to say that you're a LEGEND! :).

Edited by Dyom 123
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It seems like this MP is actually something unique and cool! Atleast that's what I see from the description. A real rare thing these days. I'll give it a try soon.

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Although i think your most unique mission-pack is Abandoned (because Max Parker is claimed as your best), doesn't mean i don't like your action mission-packs, they were great! I see this has unique story compared to many opened mission-packs lately, well i think this will be worth checking since you never disappointed me.

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Ok, I just played the prologue and I have only one word to say...




The use of objects, enemies, actual required thinking (that destructible door)! I loved it! You put so much effort into that mission and everything looked so great! I get to say this very rarely nowadays, but this mission pack was exactly what I was looking for - gonna try out the rest of the missions now!


EDIT: Finished Chapter 1! Epic! Best mission pack I played so far! Can't wait for Chapter 2!


EDIT2: OH! It's you Arejai, I thought this is finally some skilled newbie!! Haha the perfection of these missions now makes sense :D

Edited by Rytuklis
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Juice the Joos

God, this is perfect.

I don't really don't know what to say about improving, maybe the enemy's health, but the rest is amazing and well done!

Also, maybe less cutscenes? I don't know, maybe because it's not my style.

Can't wait for chapter 2!

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@Andrej I'm sorry about the Abandoned. Anyway, don't forget to give some feedback, will ya. :D


@Rytuklis Yup, it's me!


@Juice the Joos Less cutscenes? You must be new. Lol, joking.


Just wait for the next chapter. Thanks again!

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Alan Eastwood

Amazing, I just finished the first chapter and I can say: Good story, good characters, good design. Thanks for taking your time to do this Arejai :D

Edited by Alan Eastwood
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Well, I can certainly say this is way better than Max Parker so far. At least the plot is better, and the gameplay is different. I just hope it won't become another "SHOOT EVERYBODY11!1!!" mission pack like the aforementioned project of yours.

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@Alan Thanks for taking your time to play this!


@Boris It won't be like that. ;)

Edited by MadMarshMallow
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Vinesh AKA SanAndreasDYOM

MMM, When will you post the Chapter 2? Can't wait for it!

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Of course i won't forget the feedback, here you go.


You took a long break from DYOM and after all that time, this comeback was just a step forward for all aspects in your missions. Although successfully accepted Max Parker, in my view it was too much shooting & action followed story.

While this one brought it to another level. The way you put variety & balance between everything, from perfect use of objects across the varied & unique gameplay to very well written story. You easily avoided mainstream elements of story and made it really unique, i don't know how fantastic chapter 2 will be. For me, this seemed like an half-introduction and how chapter 2 will show us unique final words of the story with greatly made action. Sometimes player may find very similar mistakes in writing what absolutely isn't problem, you improved on all previous mistakes (even there weren't many). Every mission had it's own feel and fits to the story without doubt. There weren't overused shooting events like many of them were in your previous mission-packs. This is different & more balanced mission-pack compared to your other projects, and i hope it stays like that, but also continue giving us varied action (example: The preparing for robbing the plane and doing that was pretty well done), and the way everything feels connected (characters to each other, and how you fast switch places, one day here, another day there!). Keep it up, and good work!


Rating: 4.9/5

Edited by AnDReJ98
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I disagree with people here moaning less cutscenes. The Cutscenes were one of the best things about this mission pack! Keep 'em up!

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  • 4 months later...
  • 3 weeks later...

I just got back from the university, a month of semester holiday. And yes, for your information, this mission pack won't be dropped and will be continued. I've made a little progress for the next chapters and will be finished before 22nd February, which I'll move back to my university. Stay tuned. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Chapter 2 has been released. Check out the main post to download the file. Have fun and thanks for playing. :)

Edited by MadMarshMallow
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  • 2 years later...
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