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[SA] How to make a random PED wanted with cleo scripting? [help]

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How can I make a PED wanted by the police just by aiming at him and pressing a button?

You know these criminal PEDS which are often seen escaping police vehicles in a car and carrying a 9mm or a micro-smg, right? So I want to aim at just any PED in the street, legit or not, press a button and set it as wanted by the police. Any cop spotting that PED will chase it and attack it until it dies. Don't need to give it a gun. I don't know so much which code do I have to write, so can anybody explain how do I get what I described to work? Thanks for any help! :)

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I can only give you a little hint. First the script must check do ped get aimed by player.

0AD2: [email protected] = player $PLAYER_CHAR targeted_actor //IF and SET

Don't forget to check if the actor is defined. This way could prevent crashes of the script. And if actor [email protected] exist, check the keypress by using :

0AB0:   key_pressed 0x73

And third, use opcode 09B6. Btw, I never use this opcode before, so you better test it.

09B6: set_actor [email protected] wanted_by_police 

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How do I check if the aimed PED is defined (is exist)?


Is there a mod that can do what I described? I'm asking this because I googled it and didn't find anything matching to what I'm looking for.



BTW 0AD2 opcode is unknown! (Sanny Builder showed a compiler error)

Edited by dak&nak

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