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Xbox crew v crew league (Saturday`s).


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Hi, we are looking for crews to participate in a crew v crew league on the xbox 360, I have been doing this since the crew v crew beta was launched and have had some success but it seems that a lot of crews still don`t know about it or have never done it before. Rockstar themselves use the same format as us and have asked us a couple of times to take part in their live stream on Twitch, My friend and Ally The Sons of lost souls has been on it already and were then promoted on the social club newswire and are enjoying the recognition.......http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/news/article/52279/crew-cut-camera-clubs-creator-collaborators-and-the-latest


So basically, if you want to take a step up and get your names out there this is how to do it, we communicate regularly with Rockstar and keep them informed on our progress and now and then they ask us for available crews.


The crew v crew matches take place on Saturdays at 5pm EST (6pm EDT, 10pm GMT)

It is an 8 v 8 playlist consisting of 10 jobs, 4 races and 6 of anything else that can host 16 players, deathmatches, captures, or last team standing.


There are no rules, we play as Rockstar intended and the way they do it, so no free aim!

Each crew will put forward 2 races and 4 of anything else on a monday and the playlist for the following saturday will be published so both crews have 1 week to prepare and all jobs are Rockstar created or verified.


There will be no catch up on in races as we want decent crews not total rookies.

At the end of the season we will have a tournament of the best players from each crew with the winner getting a prize,


for more information follow this link and send me a message.



I hope you are interested and trust me it is worth it and very enjoyable.


Thank you.


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