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Hello. I've tried modding my GTA San Andreas using the MegaMyth 2.0 and Cleo Myth Hunter mod, and everything was fine up until I had to drag the models from the folders to my Steam/Steamapps/Common/Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/gta3. I used the img tool to do it, and it was slow, but I finally finish, and once I tried to start the game Via Steam, nothing happened, I tried to start it again using Steam, but nothing appeared, I tried using gta sa app but still, nothing happened, I opened my task manager, and it showed me that it was indeed on, but it was on the lists of "Background processes". Can you please help me, I really wanna play with these mods but this problem is stopping me from having fun, "finding" these myths... :miranda:

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  1. Get back original gta3.img to its location


Add your mod's models to gta3.img via imgtool an then Rebuild


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