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Denise dumped me

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Hey everyone,


So basically what I did this last week was completing San Andreas at 100%, I already managed to finish the game 2 or 3 times since I first played it 10 years ago but I never went for the 100% completion, so I decided to do it last week.


Half a way I discovered that not all the game features were covered in the 100% completion list, so I decided that after completing the 100% list I will go for what is known as "110%" list (Basically it's finishing the game with all the actual features including having all the stats maxed out, getting 999.999.999$, that kind of stuff)


I did all the things required to get 100% before doing the last mission End of the Line, in order to keep the name "End of the Line" as my save name, and after finishing the last mission and receiving the 100% completion message, I decided to begin the 110% list first by maxing out all the relations with the 6 girlfriends.


I nearly bumped my PC when I found that Denise dumped me, basically when I go and try to date her, that's what I get. This happens when you have 0% relationship with a girlfriend, you will definitely loose her.


So I first thought about a mod or a cheat that would increase my relationship with Denise but I searched everywhere and I didn't find any.


So I'm asking you if you know any way to increase the relationship with the girlfriends by any possible way, hacky or not.


Thanks for your future answers.


TL;TR : I have 0% relationship with Denise and I'm lookin' for a way to increase it.

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King Andreas
When a girlfriends progress depletes to zero, you can sometimes somehow restore it by driving around in areas she's fond of at the right times. It slowly increases by a single percentage. Don't try to date her until the progress is above zero.

Note: This won't work if the heart icon is gone.

Edited by King Andreas

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lil weasel

If you collected the OYSTERS, before you lost any Girlfriend, you would not have lost her. That is part of what the Oysters are for, to keep the Gf's interested in CJ. Don't know of any fixes, other than to go to a save prior to the loss.


Care must be taken with Denise and Millie, as these two are only met during missions, and never again if they die or are lost due to inattention.

Edited by lil weasel

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I forget the exact sequence of events. The girlfriend's have a complicated set of controls. It might be too late, but if she's ready to dump CJ but you keep reloading to avoid it then you might be able to fix her with San Andreas Control Center if you are playing on PC. It's a trainer with a girlfriend progress bar so you can set her to a workable level and hope she forgives CJ. SACC will need admin privileges to access game memory on newer operating systems. And this probably won't work if her icon isn't on the map anymore. Then you need to go through the hassle of activating her again.


On PC Denise can be activated by hex editing a save or with cleo codes. Both processes are fairly easy if you already know how to hex edit saves or compile your own cleo scripts.

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King Andreas

Come to think of it, if you can replay completed missions with what's called "mission select codes" on PS2, it stands to reason that something similar exists for PC. After all, I doubt you PC players start a new game each time someone posts a new mission-specified trick you want to try, mainly since you reply quickly. What I'm saying is that you could get Denises heart icon to return by replaying Burning Desire. Likewise, you can get Millies heart icon to return by replaying Key To Her Heart.

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Edited by GTAGuy1995

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