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Quick Question About Garage Space


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My 2nd character is a biker. Before he was a biker he was a regular rich guy. I bought the Eclipse Towers apartment but it doesn't fit the biker lifestyle. I want to sell the apartment and buy a lower end house. Not apartment, house. But the houses have only 6 car garages. I have 9 or 10 cars, so if I buy the house, what would be the situation with my vehicles? I only want the Phoenix, Hexer, and another bike I'm currently looking for. But I can't sell the excess cars because they were part of the CE. Please help!


XMute-MercenariesX (Leader & Commissioner)

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You'd lose the vehicles in spots 7-10. Just moved the cars you don't want there then get your 6 car garage


if you ever move back to a 10 car one those 4 vehicles will come back.

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I had a 6 car apartment and a 10 car garage, I hated the apartment so sold it for another 10 car garage, potentially you could buy a 10 car garage transfer cars to it, sell apartment and then buy the new apartment and transfer the cars you want in your new apartment.

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