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Idea for a new GTA 3D Era Game


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I would have to say that my most fun with the GTA Series has by far been the 3D era games. Countless hours of easter egg and myth hunting, exploring Vice City, Liberty, and the state of San Andreas. It was different back then, and I know many of you agree, being a member of this forum you must have delved into your nostalgia at least a couple of times here, not just discussing IV and V.

So, call me crazy, but what if Rockstar went back? Used the same graphics and simular but updated mechanics, and made a new entry? I doubt it entirely, but isn't it cool to think of?

Imagine, a new city like Carcer or Yankton, and becaise they'd bbe using the same graphics as, say, San Andreas they could create a huge world, 5 times the size as the current interpetation of San Andreas.

A new storyline with new characters but still paying respect to the same characters as the 3D era titles. Car customization, propery, the good old easter eggs and myth hunts we all used to love before YouTube screwed it up by giving us a way to find them. All including GTA Online, the same mechanics, but different graphics.

I think it woyld make a killing and give long time GTA fans some closeure. Find out what happened to CJ after he got his gang back together. Piece in the storyline with some of the old protaganists. I hope Rockstar would consider this idea, or maybe even some modders (like SOL mod, but with a full storyline and a Online feature muchlike GTA online or the SA Roleplay servers).


But in all reality it is just something I'd personally like to see in the future. Improbable? Yes. But it doesn't hurt to fantasize a little.

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