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Grand Theft Auto V: Rush [Concept Thread]


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Rockstar Games presents
The First Single Player DLC for GTA V.

31 July 2014: Thread Created.


Addiction...it changes people.

When you make life depend on one thing...It kinda kills ya.

Patrick McReary, Lamar Davis & Huang Lee. Three men who had it all but lost it because of their addiction.

Together they learn that La La land is just a lie and find themselves in the cold hard ground of the Real LS.

They must face their addictions along with the troubles it has caused them.

Grand Theft Auto Rush is set in the same location as GTA V. (Icons and New Places coming soon)

-New Radar: The Radar is now more "Redish".

-Properties: You can now purchase 10 new properties.

-Gang Attacks: Attack gang operations and steal valuables from that area. Ammo and Cash, but sometimes you will find rare gang vehicles.

-Vigilante: A feature returning from GTA IV. Access the LSPD datebase from a police vehicle and kill
wanted targets. (there are 20 targets in Los Santos and 15 around Blaine County.)

-Store Robberies: You can now rob several new stores around the map.

-TV: There are now news episodes for: Gordon Moorehead Rides Again, Jack Howitzer, Impotent Rage & Republican Space Rangers. Also, The Underbelly of Paradise has new episodes with Dave Norton as the host.

-Radio: There are two new radio stations.

-Vehicles: There are 25 new vehicles in total. (9 returning with unchanged appearance from GTA IV, 2 with changed appearance from GTA IV, 1 with changed appearance from GTA III and 13 new vehicles.)

-Weapons: There are 12 new weapons in total.

-Air Hockey: Mini game returns for GTA EFLC.

-Bowling: Returns from GTA IV and EFLC.

-Paramedic: Rescue injured people from all over Los Santos. (Feature not available in Blaine County)

-Weed Disposal: Burn Weed before the timer runs out.

-Dog Fights: Take out incoming Fighter Jets and earn the highest score.

-Assassinations: Kill several targets for a Contact.

-Street Races: There are now 5 new street races around Los Santos.



Patrick McReary (34)
Patrick is the first Protagonist of GTA Rush. After leaving Liberty City, he started fresh in Los Santos. He helped Michael De Santa with heists and later became very rich. Unfortunately, His addiction made him spend all his money on cocaine and he was forced to give up all his expensive belongings. He now lives in the low end area of Vespucci Beach. He is willing to again start over and make some money.

Special Ability: Slow down time, Super Speed, Super Strength.

Patrick's Vigero (2)

Lamar Davis (20-30)
Lamar is the second Protagonist of GTA Rush. Lamar becomes gold rich after Franklin Clinton shares some of his fortune with Lamar. Lamar moves to a big house in Vinewood Hills nearby Franklin. He spends his money on Cars, Drugs and women. He also becomes a big time drug dealer who meets Patrick and decides to help him reach to the top.


Special Ability: Slow down time, All targets (Enemies, Gang members or Police) become bright red, Improves Accuracy by 20%)
Lamar's Cavalcade (2)

Huang Lee (32)
Huang is the third Protagonist of GTA Rush. Trying to give up the life of crime, Huang moves to a mansion in Rockford Hills. Just like Lamar, Huang hosts a lot of parties and becomes an alcoholic. Lamar and Patrick break in into Huang's mansion and steal the Yu Jian Sword. Huang is forced back into the life of crime in order to find the people responsible for stealing his sword.


Special Ability: Recruit anyone (They will help you in combat until your SA bar becomes empty)
Huang's Infernus (2)



Sports & Supers (3)
-Dewbauchee Super GT
-Grotti Dash

-Obey Twin-T


Muscles (2)
-Classique Stallion
-Declasse Voodoo (Clean)


Two Doors (3)

-Peach Soda

-Shyster Kuruma Cabrio

-Grotti W-TF

Four Doors (8)
-Annis Pinnacle
-Dundreary Admiral
-Enus Cognoscenti
-Imponte DF8-90
-Schyster PMP 600 (Sport)

-Vapid Stainer (2nd Generation)

-Vapid Torino

-Vapid Ramble


SUVs & Pick Ups (6)

-Bravado Colt

-Dinka Perennial

-Mammoth Patriot (Limo)

-Pegassi Venus

-Peach Terminator

-Weeny Issi Countyfolk


Commercial (1)

-BF Move

Motorbikes (1)

-Steel Horse Zombie


Aircraft (1)

-Maverick (2nd Generation)

Melee (5)
Pistols (2)
Machine Guns (2)
Rifles (1)
Shotguns (1)
Heavy (1)

-All three protagonists are addicts. Patrick is a cocaine-addict, Lamar is addicted to weed and Huang is alcoholic.

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Hmm. This is an interesting concept indeed. I especially like the idea of Huang as a protagonist as CTW wasn't exactly the most played GTA.

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Liver Buster

Looks promising. I'd love me Packie as a protagonist... he is one of my all-time favourite characters. I always thought Packie has an interesting philosophy thanks to his stiff life, like Niko in some ways. First of all, having grew up in a criminal family, even the policeman of the family is a crooked bastard, and of course his drunk-ass dad whom Packie frequently relates with the seven depth of hell. Packie was a hardened man although he may seem like a clown, and I think he has become more hardened, stiff man after GTA IV... that's why he could work as a protagonist.


However, I'm not so sure about Lamar and Huang, to be honest. However, I liked Lamar's story. Lamar is fool enough to chase after "street loyalty" bullsh*t, very yet he is also fool enough to get suckered into Franklin's big-shoe, shady lifestyle. That's why I found Lamar's background interesting, but I've doubts if Lamar could work as a protag... but let's wait and see.

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Thanks for the replies, guys.


I always wanted to make a concept about Patrick but was unsure about the second and the third protagonist.

Cause everybody wanted Lamar to be playable, so i decided to let him be in the story but i had no idea for the third protagonist.

I didn't want to add a former protagonist just to keep things traditional. but i anyway chose Huang since he is an awesome yet extremely underrated protagonist.


i'm planning on letting Patrick be this strong guy who has to do dumb things to stay alive.

Lamar will be this dumb idiot who abuses his money and finds himself in a bad situation.

Huang is this dude looking to relax but because of Lamar's stupid actions, he is forced back into the life of crime.


The story is mostly based on the protagonists' addictions and how they learn to fight it.

but it also based on the Yu Jian Sword. But i will explain that later.

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This isn't a bad idea. I quite like it. Especially the idea of addiction being the overarching theme of the story.


The execution of it is a little off. More so with Lamar. An addiction to weed? This man and his empire and going to be bought to his knees... by the mighty reefer?


I've never met a pot smoker with a trolley full of old washing machine parts. They're too busy fried out in front of the television eating dorito's with dip.


With your whole la-la land is a lie thing you could've had him mess around with ketamine and suffer greatly from the resulting hallucinations, or coke/heroin/pill addictions all feeding off another.


I also doubt Lamar and Packie would work together. It's the nature of addiction to take from, not give to.


Otherwise, so far so good. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiga/10.

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