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Checking if a variable is the sum of any combination of variables

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Hey there, ran into a bit of a problem.


I have 5 variables, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]


I want to check if [email protected] is equal to the sum of any combination of the first four variables.


Based on what I know in CLEO, the only way I can think to do this is to create variables for every possible value, and then check to see if [email protected] is equal to any of those variables, a bit like this:

0085: [email protected] = [email protected]: [email protected] += [email protected] 0085: [email protected] = [email protected]: [email protected] += [email protected]: [email protected] = [email protected]: [email protected] += [email protected]: [email protected] = [email protected]: [email protected] += [email protected]: [email protected] += [email protected]    if or    003B:   [email protected] == [email protected]    003B:   [email protected] == [email protected]    003B:   [email protected] == [email protected]    003B:   [email protected] == [email protected]    003B:   [email protected] == [email protected]    003B:   [email protected] == [email protected]

But not only does that feel a bit messy, it also uses up a lot of vars that I might be needing in other areas of the script. I thought I could do the same thing with just one extra variable and some nested conditionals, so I came up with this:

if 003B:  [email protected] == [email protected] then jump @trueelse     if 003B:  [email protected] == [email protected]     then jump @true    else        if 003B:  [email protected] == [email protected]         then jump @true        else         ...etc            0085: [email protected] = [email protected]            005A: [email protected] += [email protected]            005A: [email protected] += [email protected]            if 003B:  [email protected] == [email protected]               then jump @true            else            ...etc            else jump @false...   end

Which is a bit better, as I only use up one more variable, but it's even longer and probably harder to look at than before. What's more, if I come across a similar situation in the future with even more variables to combine, the code is going to get exponentially longer.


So, I was wondering if there was any easier, cleaner way to do this. Maybe I'm missing something, or there's just a gap in my knowledge, or maybe I'm approaching this completely wrong. Either way, I'd really appreciate it if anyone could lend a hand.



Edited by matinat0r

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If the combinations are just of two variables then here is a code :

//[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] - [email protected]$Index = 1 0A8E: $Sum($Index,7i) = [email protected] + [email protected] // [email protected] + [email protected] equals $Sum[1]$Index += 10A8E: $Sum($Index,7i) = [email protected] + [email protected] // [email protected] + [email protected] equals $Sum[2]$Index += 10A8E: $Sum($Index,7i) = [email protected] + [email protected] // [email protected] + [email protected] equals $Sum[3]$Index += 1 0A8E: $Sum($Index,7i) = [email protected] + [email protected] // [email protected] + [email protected] equals $Sum[4]$Index += 10A8E: $Sum($Index,7i) = [email protected] + [email protected] // [email protected] + [email protected] equals $Sum[5]$Index += 1 0A8E: $Sum($Index,7i) = [email protected] + [email protected] // [email protected] + [email protected] equals $Sum[6]  // example :if    07D6:   [email protected] == $Sum[1] // [email protected] equals [email protected] + [email protected]    thenendif    07D6:   [email protected] == $Sum[2] // [email protected] equals [email protected] + [email protected]    thenend// ...  

If not then it can't be done without a long code .

Edited by Manfred Von Karma

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