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Arrows to Athens

Constantly getting called a hacker?!?

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Corner shooting or otherwise corner popping, by me it's simply called corner glitching. R* managed to miss this pretty obvious mistake by not assigning 'safe zones' correctly to walls and other objects result being able to shoot through them by at least a feet. This could also be a byproduct/bug of the massively large map. In my opinion its an annoying piece of sh*t and combined with lagging you can appear being shot 2-4 feet behind a wall if you ran behind one (depends on net connection). This can't be intentionally in a game.


On the hacker story... well you better get used to it... it's easier to call us a hacker than beating in score.

I don't know why but it works best with a mini gun and LMG. I think it's because of the way your character holds the gun when aiming (holding it lower than other guns) and as a result when your completely hidden behind a corner you aim and the shoulder camera shows more view of what's in front of the wall, thus being able to shoot through the wall and killing your opponent. Always get called a hacker for doing this and your the first person to know what Corner shooting is unlike others I have mentioned it to.
It's cause the camera isn't centered on your player and the bullets don't come from the barrel they come from the camera, it's off to the left so you see and shoot around the wall and he sees only wall. This and the fact that both players don't render on each others screens at the same time or distance and some players experience total game lag so they can't switch weapons or lock as quickly as normal and it takes way more bullets than normal to kill for some unknown reason while others in same session are not affected makes this a very unfair pvp game and why everyone thinks cheaters when it's just a sh*tty designed game.


"bullets don't come from the barrel they come from the camera, it's off to the left so you see and shoot around the wall and he sees only wall"


Jeesus f*ckin christ sometimes i seriously gotta think where this dose of stupidity popps into ppls mind...


'total game lag' is the generic lag experienced with slow internet connection or massive distance between two players (ie from 2 different continents). Downside of online gaming. Just to mention this effects only a fraction of gameplay time in DMs but as it's extremely annoying, feels a lot more than that.


If I experience considerable lag in an A List player he's the past.

It's a fact. Stand still and look at your screen. Camera is off to the right side a tad, the above video on corner shooting proves it even. It's not debatable, it's fact. Lol! Also get tank, put barrel past wall/roof and fire. Notice you blow yourself up because the bullet comes from above center of tank where camera is and not from end of barrel. The lag I speak of is not Internet lag and started after patch 1.13. Cause unknown, likely memory leak in sh*tty patch code. Edited by sultangris

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