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|)anjou's Legion (13th) Foreign Regiment recruitment

Ruka Souen

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Crew/Gang Name: |)anjou's Legion (13th) Foreign Regiment

About: We are a military minded group of individuals

Leader Contact: Captain_Danjou

Social Club Crew Link: send PSN message to "EXMercenary"

Platform(s):PS3 (PS4 Soon)



|)anjou's Legion (13th) Foreign Regiment



Is accepting recruits. For commando's & sniper team positions.


-1.50 kdr

-team oriented

-ability & desire to follow orders


***For officer positions

-3.00 kdr


-Strong leadership qualities

-Strong sense of duty to the 13th

-MUST pass officer course


Please keep in mind that if you cannot meet some of the requirements to just tryout anyway, you might have a skill set that we could use in the 13th. We are a serious PvP crew (Player vs Player) that doesnt get pushed around in free roam or anywhere else. I know this sounds demanding but the rewards are great here in the 13th if you have the guts.

For tryout details please message "EXMercenary" on PSN.

Thanks, -Officer of the 13th-


"As the air commander I will always rescue you and keep you troops on the ground safe,thats my oath to the 13th" -EXMercenary-

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Please edit your post to include a link to your crew on the Social Club.

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