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Unknowing Truth (Epsilon) mission not triggering


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Hi everyone. It's my first post here and unfortunately I need some help! I've finished all epsilon missions up until the final one. I walked 5 miles in the desert and answered both phone calls (the last one telling me to meet at the Vinewood Epsilon mansion).


I've rested in bed about 20 times, went online for a bit, replayed about 10 missions and the icon won't show up. On videos, the icon pops up right after the last phone call, but for me, it doesn't come up at all.


Is there anything to do to get the mission to show up? Or am I supposed to keep resting until it pops?

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I had the robes on during the time I was repeatedly resting, but since I started replaying missions I've taken the robes off. I have $14m on Michael so I have enough money. I'll put the robes back on, but I'm not sure if it will work (I'm hoping it does, though).

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That did not work either, I'm not sure how long I'm supposed to wait before I can tell or not, but the mission trigger is refusing to show up. Would the best thing to do be to keep waiting or just start a new game? This is irritating =/.

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