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Escobar Crime Family Recruitment (PS3 Only)


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Welcome to the Escobar Crime Family0139794947c84e90141ce7d47de82c6fd10ba6d5

About Us: The Escobar Crime Family is a rising Crime Family from the underworld of San Andreas, recruiting active players on the Playstation 3 Gaming Platform, bringing our Crime Family into random lobbies and taking over one lobby at a time, taking great strides of expanding our influence beyond Los Santos, but even into Blaine County, making our mark in every place of the County of San Andreas.


Who Leads The Crime Family: The Don, the leader of the Crime Family is not the only one who leads the Crime Family, the Don also has a Underboss who can represent the Don if he is absent, or help advise the Don on what course of action to take.


The Crime Family (Respect): In the Escobar Crime Family, it is all about respect, the Don, Underboss, the Don's Advisors, and Caporegimes treat others the way they want to be treated, that includes Associates, Soldiers, and Enforcers that are all treated with respect by the higher-ups, however that does not mean discipline is absent, when anyone shows disrespect to others in the Crime Family, those offenders will be dealt with accordingly.


The Crime Family Pt. II (How to earn $$$): Joining the Escobar Crime Family has it's benefits, earning their Daily Cut by many means, when members of the Crime Family participate in Rockstar Created Jobs (i.e "Rooftop Rumble"), will receive their Daily Cut, however, there are alternate ways to earn your cut (Lester's Target Missions), for example when a member of the Family performs this mission and asks for help by other members of the Family, the money earned will be divided by the following:

I. If 1 member of the family helps in the Target mission, the cut will be divided between a 50-50 Margin.

II. If 3 Members of the family help in the Target mission, the cut will be divided in a 25% Margin.


Requirements to Join: To Join the Crime Family as a whole, there are requirements that must be met.

- Firstly, you must prove yourself as loyal to the Crime Family, to show your loyalty, the Don, or the Underboss will ask you to perform a variety of jobs to prove yourself worthy of joining.

- Secondly, you must have no other loyalties to any other crew unless the Don or the Underboss says otherwise, only then will you be seen as a "Official" member of the Crime Family.

- Thirdly, you must agree to show the utmost respect to the Don, the Underboss, and the rest of the Higher-Ups as these are the people who uphold the leadership and organization of the Crime Family, and also respect for those below you are encouraged to maintain stability and peace within the Crime Family so to avoid internal conflicts and mistrust among one another.

- And Finally, We encourage those in our Crime Family to have fun and treat other members as if they are your own family, to strengthen unity and friendship amongst one another


Contact Information: To Join the Crime Family, you must first contact either the Don of the Crime Family of the Underboss and your request will be processed and ultimately be accepted, to join, just say that "I would like to Join the Escobar Crime Family". the contact information goes as followed:

- captainprice47 (Rockstar Social Club ID/PSN Account),LSPD-CHIEF-20-03 (The Don, PSN Gamer Tags) Email: [email protected]

- lil_bush_19 (PSN Gamer Tag), GTA_TLoU_17 (Underboss, Social Club ID)


Extra Notice: If you do have anymore questions regarding the Escobar Crime Family, feel free to ask me by PS3, Email, Social Club, or right here on the forums, i will be available almost all of the time for any questions you throw at me.

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