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Rockstar and You.


Have you ever e-mailed Rockstar?  

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  1. 1. Have you ever e-mailed Rockstar?

    • No; I never needed to.
    • No; I feel it's useless and they won't respond to me anyways.
    • Yes; I had an issue one time.
    • Yes; I felt they WOULD listen to me.
  2. 2. If so, what branch did you message?

    • Support due to a glitch/bug/issue with my character(s).
    • Ideas due to me having a good idea.
    • I have not e-mailed Rockstar.
  3. 3. If you messaged Rockstar, how was your experience?

    • They responded to me and were good.
    • They responded to me, but it took much longer than it should have.
    • They never responded to me and it was useless.
    • I have not e-mailed Rockstar.

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Hello all! Well I assume you are wondering what the hell the title is supposed to mean. Well lemme tell ya.


How many of you have messaged Rockstar about...anything?


Be it getting -banned and wanting to get out, being put into the cheater pool and wanting to get out, or simply wanting to share your creativity with the developers, how many of you have sent Rockstar an E-mail? Share your experiences below, and possibly show us the e-mails you sent by copy-pasting them here.


Me personally, I have sent e-mails to Rockstar on two occassions; Once after I was put into Cheater Pool after bookmarking "Titan of a Crap", and again just today to send an Idea I had to the developers.


I find being professional in your e-mail gives you a good experience.


Here is the convo between me and another employee @ Rockstar Support, starting from the bottom and read up.:



Your request (#2541909) has been deemed solved.

Feel free to respond directly to this email and your comments will be added to the ticket.

To review the status of the request and add additional comments, follow the link below to log on to Social Club and you will then proceed to your support ticket.


Note that Social Club is a free Rockstar community service which offers access to special in-game bonuses and exclusive website features. If you do not already have a Social Club account, you will need to create an account after clicking the above ticket link to access your ticket. If you do not have a Social Club account, you can still update your ticket as necessary by replying directly to any emails you receive from Support.


Alec H., Jul 02 10:36 AM:


Thanks for your question. Everything should be available if you already own the weapon. This will act as all other DLC weapons and cars that are only available for a short amount of time.

Best Regards,
Alec H.
R* Games



BitPieStudios, Jul 02 12:51 AM:

Okay. I was going to send you a message about a Mechanic issue I had but that's been resolved.What I would like to ask before I leave is this: Will the firework launcher be kept after the update is done? I saw someone on the newswire post say it would be kept since someone in support told him so, but I would like confirmation myself. the Newswire post is worded to suggest you won't keep the weapon, and I am specifically wondering if, after the update is gone and you have bought it, would you be able to keep buying ammo for the Firework Launcher and have it in your inventory, like the Guzenberg Sweeper?Your reply to this will be a great load off many fan's minds.


Alec H., Jul 01 10:37 AM:


Thanks for your understanding.

Because you have served some time and you are very understanding, I have removed you from the Cheater's Pool.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you.

Have a great day!

Best Regards,
Alec H.
R* Games



BitPieStudios, Jul 01 07:10 AM:

Well that is all well and good, and I can completely understand the money thing, but how long exactly will I be in cheater pool? I logged into the game and I am still in, although I know you said nothing about letting me out. This is very frustrating considering that AWESOME UPDATE came out just today. I would love to enjoy it with other people I know. And yeah, I WILL refrain from bookmarking modded missions now.-BitPie Studios


Alec H., Jun 30 02:01 PM:


Thanks for contacting R* Games.

I am sorry that you were put in the Cheater's Pool.

Unfortunately we are not able to gift the money back to you.

Please refrain from bookmarking modded games.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,
Alec H.
R* Games



BitPieStudios, Jun 26 08:10 PM:

Umm, I have been put in cheater pool. I haven't done anything wrong, and I don't know what the issue is. I played a job I found on GTAForums called "Titan of a Crap". I only played it twice, and I do not think this is fair punishment.

First off, I only earned $60,000. I feel just taking this money away is a better punishment as...

A) I didn't mod the game myself.

B) I have always played legitimately before this.

C) I did NOT make an impossible high amount of money off said job.

While I understand that bookmarking the modded mission was wrong (and trust me, I will never do that again...), I feel I deserve a second chance. I had about $250,000 GTA dollars before I was banned. If you could take me out of the cheater-pool with $190,000, I would be happy.

The platform name is my PSN.


-BitPie Studios




And here is the idea I just sent them, which I will update if they reply.



Hello to whoever reads this. As a player and frequenter of GTAforums and YouTube, I know first-hand that developers have an exclusive mission creator they use to make official maps for the game. I have a proposal, and I hope you enjoy it, as it is also accompanied by a concept picture. Tell me if it would be possible in any way to implement this...
the better points are in bold, but read the whole thing.
It'd be cool if you could make your own mission contactors (I.E. people who send you job invited like Simeon or Gerald)... Like, players could save a max of, say, 5 custom contactors to call them on their phone at a time. They could also save ones they make themselves, if they want their own contactors calling them.
To make a contact mission, you would just open the mission creator (the basic tools of which we have seen because of YouTube videos), and check an option that has your saved contact listed under it. It would be optional. When you check that box, you MUST set a level for when the mission unlocks; the higher the level, the harder you'd need to make the mission, with a max of level 80-100 for the mission to unlock. You must have at least one mission unlock at level one, and another at level 30. Having a contact set would give you the ability to use the (optional) mission end cutscenes (described below). And contact missions would pay 20% more than if you made just a normal mission you bookmark like a race or deathmatch.
There would be a limit for the number of missions you could make for your custom contactor, but not for making missions in general. but making contact missions would up the pay. You could make 3 contactors only, max, so people can't abuse the upped pay. Each of your contactors could have only 4-6 missions assigned to them, also to prevent cash abuse. Along with this, mission payouts of player created contactor missions would be halved, unless they were Rockstar Verified contactors. So a hard player created contact mission would pay $8,000 - $10,000 while the same VERIFIED mission would pay up to $16,000 - $20,000.
Players could either choose one of the game's NPCs as contacts, use their own characters as a contact, or make a special character using the Character Creator. It'd also give you the option to put any clothes if you make a special character, as all of them would be unlocked for making the contactor, regardless of your rank.
You could give your custom mission contactor a name to appear when they text you, as well as the option to have a character thumbnail( like Martin, Lamar, etc. But it'd be like the ones that player characters have in social club.), an empty thumbnail(Like Lester or NPC bounties), a default NPC picture, or use a snapmatic photo from your gallery and crop it.
And to prevent a flood of contacts from going into a player's phone, contact missions would only be seen by players who have the contactors saved/favorited. The only thing custom contacts wouldn't have that the main contactors have are those phone calls that remind you to call them, and that is because they have no voices.
For certain missions there could be a set amount of cutscenes you can place (say, 3...), the area all players must be to activate the cutscene , and special spawns to where they leave the players afterwards. But it'd be more simple to be able to choose just ending cutscenes, like in the current missions (I.E. Madrazo saying"Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant!" after Rooftop Rumble). Playing the game has shown me it is possible to just "plug in" models for cutscenes, so doing that isn't impossible.
You could also have the option to put a cutscene where your contact does one of the celebrations to your players.
Or (what I pray for) you could 'act out' what the contactor does, like what Street Fighter does in training mode when you control the computer player for a second and make him do things. It would give you a max 10 seconds of acting, and you could stop before that by pressing up on the D-pad or something. This way, you could make your contact salute, and jump off a building at the end of the mission, for example. Or anything else you can think of! Then, it would tell you to set your cameras and give you options to change the angles during the cutscenes, so you can get further dedicated in the making of your missions.
Now I know that was a lot to read, but let me say I put a lot of thought into this concept. adding another box for contacts into the mission creator you currently have doesn't take much. And you could imagine the creativity the creating community would have. The anti-cash abuse protocols listed above would also make it so people don't make simple missions that pay ridiculously.
And here is the concept photo. I'll also list it below so you know it isn't a virus or something.
This is what could happen. Cheers!




Any of you guys have experience with Rockstar? If you haven't, here are some e-mails you can use.


[email protected] - Rockstar Support E-mail

[email protected] - Developer's E-mail

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And what has this to do with GTA Online...?

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