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Any GTA IV Machinimas that you used to love?

Recommended Posts

Drunken Cowboy



Ben Bujs's Bloopers, Glitches and Silly Stuff videos are some of my favourite. There is a movie made in IV called The Trashmaster.



DAMN, an actual movie-length machinima? That's crazy, i have to watch it later.


Ehhh, I thought the super-serious tone was undermined by the lousy voice acting and the lack of animations they could use for the characters. It was a nice showcase of Liberty, but the story took too long to say too little...

Still better than anything I could ever do though.

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Turkey Shenanigans

'Heavy Rain in Liberty City'

'The Bad Assassin'

'Silent Hell 2'

'Rumble in Paradise'

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I remember this teaser for a machinima called Split 79

Apparently it got rejected by Machinima for being too depressing.

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This is a sad one:


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B Dawg

No one yet mentions The Salesman Ultimatum?


A biker who rides a airport utility truck causes the death of a homosexual cop, mobsters, and many clones of himself when crossing the wrong guy:



We all know that you only live once, but unless you're as badass as the salesman and thought ahead of time what would happen to you, then you could perhaps live forever.


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Niko Montana

I Forgot the name of it & it was taken off Youtube, but it was about the LCPD became corrupt, and Niko Bellic takes em all on. The Best part was the slow motion pulling the RPG out of his pocket. Duz anyone know the name of it & if its still on the internet?


And of course, Ben Bujas Stunt Show!!

Edited by thedriver111

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Posted (edited)

I have a really hard time in disbelief that nobody remembers "The GTA Movie" by Him from 2011-2013? It was basically a cinematic version from start to finish of GTA4 except that it was complete. It came out in episodes. I understand Rockstar requested it be downed (could be false information). It was incredible. Anybody remember it? More accurate information? Link?


EDIT Yikes sorry for the bump. Was reading the comments and forgot I looked up this thread with Google, not by clicking the topic on the usual 'top o the forum.' 

Edited by PacketOverload_x64bit
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