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Off-Road Efficiency


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Okay, to start off this is PS3.

Now, to explain the title of this post. I'm one of the guys that like to just go off and find random shenanigans to pull off and I've come up with something I would like to do as a small group.

Off-Road is self explainatory, as for efficiency. . Electric cars? Yeah, electric cars and also compact cars. There's plenty to pick and choose from, here is the allowed list:


NO MODDED CARS unless it's just the appearance.

Reason being, it's quite easy to scale the mountains.


Benefactor Panto

Cheval Surge

Dinka Blista

Principe Faggio

Prolaps Caddy (Golf Cart)

Weeny Issi


So here's the idea, I want to test the capabilities of those listed vehicle in climbing Mount Chiliad, via following the leader, ME. Once we get to the top, pictures galore. Once were satisfied with that, a chaotic races to the bottom. But it's not for nothing. I want everyone in the room to place a bounty on each other. And whoever reaches the finish (impromptu race again). Deserves to get all the bounties placed (more the merrier right). Now let's start:

I want to host an invite only session. Once in, I want everyone to grab there vehicle of choice and meet me at a location. Treat this like a car show, I'm not interested in any bs, people killing each other, attracting cops, harassing others etc. Once we meet and are ready to go, I will set an impromptu race for us to race to. Once there we wait for everyone. When ready. Everyone will follow me through my desired path (Already have one). Any troubles getting up, we will help each other. This will be by ramming into each other. I am going to do a solo test after this post to confirm is this is possible. Like I mentioned abovr, once we get to the top, pictures galore. Only then will we set bounties. (Varies, idc how much you put on someone, I will be putting 9k.) Then a chaotic race to the checkpoint. Whatever comes after comes after.

Now that it's been explained, feel free to add my PSN. It is "Songha".

Rules are simple.
-Cars listed only
-No friend invites.
-No killing or harassing players.
-No attracting cops.
-Enjoy this random adventure.

Last but not least, when will this take place.

The event, if I have at least 5 people interested, will take place today (Tuesday) anywhere around 12-3PM EST. Exact time will be confirmed as soon as we figure out who's interested and when it is best for everyone. And please cooperate. Any questions ask. If you add me, please post below saying that you did. I will send out a chat invitation when everyone is ready. Join to get an invite to the session. Mics are preferred, idc if if you don't have one, it'll be fine. And.. that's it!

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