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No Property Management Missions


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I've got a problem with property management missions. I've already completed the game at 100%, and after hitting 100% the game glitched. The missions are not appearing and properties not calling, even if I waited a lot of time.


Please help!


(Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Poland)

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Hello, have you read this topic?

Yes. I tried to save in a different slot, skip cab rides, hang out with other protagonists and none of them really worked.

And the damn Raul from Downtown Cab Co. isn't calling too. This issue is kind of annoying, because I can't get "All's Fare In Love and War" achievement.

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I had the personal cab ride mission pop up again RIGHT AFTER doing the following... perhaps it was a coincidence...


While on Vinewood blvd toward the eastern end as franklin-- I quick saved into a new slot-- I exited the game, restarted the game letting the save autoload, killed myself by getting in a shootout with cops after punching a few people, within 30 seconds of respawning at the hospital, I got a call for the mission (I had already completed this during my playthrough).

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I'm on PS3. I have the same problem: Random Events and Property calls are not working since December in my game. I tried everything I could without any success. I think it's up to Rockstar to patch this.

Edited by BeDmAn
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All of my stuff was stuck for about 6 weeks late last year- just started working one day after exiting GTAO--

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  • 4 months later...

I completed the game to 100% on ps4 the other day and I've just realised i haven't actually done any of these. Once one popped up but i got distracted and it disappeared by the time i tried to get there.


is there any actual fix for this?

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  • 5 years later...

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