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Liberty City Survivor

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Liberty City is the still worst place in America. But the setting is a little bit different this time. An unknown cause turned the most of citizens to deadly maniacs Everything that belonged to society is gone now. Living is became survival in Liberty City. Do you think Claude can survive?


Liberty City Survivor is a total conversion project for GTA III. That is going to add new missions , new weapons , new characters , enhanced graphics , meticulously designed maps and more. Story takes place after where GTA III have ended. Features like enhanced graphics will be added with patches. And i am going to release 2 episodic episodic mods before the major modification. There is also one comic is in the works. Comic will be shared before the major modification.




Zombotech Corporation has lost the contact with their scientist in Liberty City. And they hired a mercenary. Mission is simple. Go to the Shoreside Vale and find out what's going on. You gotta complete mission before the sunrise.But who hires a mercenary for checking out someone?



Will be shared before the main Liberty City Surivor modification.
















Moddb page of the Liberty City Survivor.


in the moddb page i cant find the download button lol

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No Rick Roll this time. As you might have guessed this mod has been dead for a while. Rest in peace Liberty City Survivor. I am so sorry for making you people wait for this long. Only thing that will ease the pain is some in game map models from a mansion I've been working on you can check it out from here.

Sayonara friends.


Mansions can look similar this doesn't mean that I am using the exact building model from my ex mod project.

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