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Max Payne 3 to GTA IV


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I saw mods converted from Max Payne 3, can someone tell me how to convert peds from Max Payne 3 to GTA IV or make a video tutorial please??

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Do a search in the google about (in that order):

-3d Ripper DX

-DDS to PNG Converter

-Difference between Diffuse, Specular, Alpha(or Mask), Bump and Normal Map textures

-3ds Edit Poly

-3ds Edit Poly material IDS

-3ds MAX Material Editor.

-3ds max Character animation

-3ds max Bones

-3ds MAX Skin Modifier.

-3ds MAX Skin Enveloping

-3ds MAX Rigging (some tutorial are here on GTAForums, take a read about)

-Using GIMS IV (Also found on GTAForums)


Prepare yourself, this is not a minute work, so be prepared to expend at least 3 or 4 weeks learning about it, to be frustrating sometimes, and so on. There is no tutorial about that, so you will have to learn the general things.


The process is simple(if you read about these things above) :

You first will extract the desired pedestrian model using 3d Ripper DX (entering in the game and capturing the scene where your character is), and later you will load in 3ds MAX the ripped scene, and erase everything (building and stuff) that isn't the characters you want to.

Later, you will search where your ripped scene textures were saved and you will convert all DDS textures you ripped from the scene to PNG using the converter.


Back to max, you will open the material editor and start to assign diffuse textures to the peds, and add the maps to these diffuse textures (Normal, specular, alpha, bump).


Later, with your characters ready and textured, you will start rigging your ped. That will be the tricky part, as the peds aren't positioned with legs and arms opened (like DaVinci vitruvian man) and you have to position the bones and rig them with the character moving.


After you rig your character, export it to GTAIV by GIMS.



Disclaimer: You will be the first to try to convert a ped from Max Payne 3, and no one tried to do it, not even me. That means you should find unpredictable problems at the middle and you have to solve them alone. I'll be available if you need me. Feel free to send me a PM

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Delta India Echo


Or you could just rip em' from the OpenIV model viewer, along with the full textures.


Gee, it isn't THAT hard!


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