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The Veil of Ignorance

Los Santos Viper

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Los Santos Viper

Hello all. This topic of discussion focuses on the "Veil of Ignorance" that philosopher John Rawls introduced into the world. The "Veil of Ignorance" is a process in which a person is ignorant of their own personal beliefs, thought processes, and so on. By using this veil of ignorance, they could answer the questions of society in a completely unbiased manner - simply because they do not know what their belief system is until the veil of ignorance is lifted.

So, here is what this discussion focuses on: which of these theories would a person under the veil of ignorance endorse?

Utilitarianism, feudalism, libertarianism, strict egalitarianism, or a property owning democracy? (Explain why, obviously)

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It's not really possible to answer because many of the apparent qualities of political and ethical theories are entirely subjective. You don't necessarily need to hold a formed view toward one theory to react positively to certain attributes of it; for instance, an individual who feels the concept of universal morality is probably true would possess different inclinations than someone who believes that morality is subjective and fluid. And because neither of these is really empirically "better" or "truer" than the other, someone devoid of all belief would probably be unable to make a judgement on something so fundamental at all.

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Sounds like you're describing a person who is completely neutral. This person probably wouldn't have any opinion on anything because they don't have any viewpoint. Being completely unbiased means you have nothing to pull your opinion from, ergo you wouldn't have one.


This reminds me of the the Neutral Planet from Futurama.

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