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Adding(not replacing) new police cars and adding car like dozer.


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Hi everyone,


Is there a possibility to add new police cars, which will be work as normal police. I've added new police car, but it works as usually one, doesnt have sirens or I can't perform missions in it.


And other question. I've installed a car which was supposed to replace Dozer, but i don't replace it, but simply add as new one, but it doesnt work. When I wanted to spawn it, the game crashed. Maybe I did something wrong, I will try later.

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You can add vehicles, but is the program to make it do particular things.

You should change the main.scr, or make an important external script... :)

Dozer as Rhino, Combine, etc. .. has some special parts in 3D (misc).

If you do not even have your vehicle, the game crashes... :)

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