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Is anyone on here a parent?


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I started playing video games when my brother got an Atari 2600 for Christmas one year, and have been playing pretty much my whole life (aside from when the children were babies/toddlers). I play a little with my older daughter (she's 9), she loves Little Big Planet; the younger one likes to watch. They both watch me race in GTA occasionally. Sometimes they get to drive around in a private session and wander around my apartment.

I originally bought GTAV (played GTA on the ps and ps2 consoles) to play with my brother and cousin who are 4000 miles away! However, I met some really great people when I decided to join a crew. I sometimes feel a bit odd because I'm the oldest one in my little group of friends (41), but I get to fulfill my limited needs for social contact without having to find a sitter for my kids, or in fact, leave my bedroom. Heh.

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Parent of two boys 5 and 11 months. Im 25. Dont know when the controller will go down not for f*cken years yet haha

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Age 38, father of 4. As far as I'm concerned I'm breeding my own guild/clan/etc depending on the game we play.


My oldest boy is 11 and yes we play GTA together, on the provision we are in party chat together and he only plays when I play.

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