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Adding Cars Problem

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Hello, I am new to this forum.


I just want to solve a problem regarding adding cars to SA, which i followed this tutorial by 2pacproducer2 http://gtaforums.com/topic/399977-tut-adding-cars-to-gta-sa/ (I followed all the steps and it worked for me like a charm).


Basically I've added 36 cars so far now that all work and spawn normally, and I'm planning to add more.

But there's one car that when I start the game and use the Car Spawner by fastman92 (which i appreciate him so much for this tool) and i highlight it, the car dosen't appear (even the other ones) and the spawner can't be closed.


Any help would be appreciated. :)


P.S. I also tried to use the other car spawner by ZAZ, but that did the same problem above.

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Maybe you're doing something wrong when you installing that car. Which car makes a problem, maybe I can install it on my own and see if the problem is on your side.

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This car works in my game. For now I have only 18 cars installed and I'm using fastman92 vehicle spawner. Did you add txd and dff properly? You must accidentally skip one number or letter, and even this little silliness that often happens to me means that the car does not work.

Maybe check the files names that you added to gta3.img or you must check and edit all these files: salimits.ini, handling.cfg, vehicles.ide, carcols.dat, carmods.dat, VehicleAudioData.ini. I have yet these files for adding new cars: fxt file in Cleo for new vehicles' names, CarSpawner.ini, vehsets.dat and VSAConfig.ini. But this car dont use the last two.

Last question, in readme file are only handling and vehicles.ide lines, have you added new lines to the others files like carcols.dat, carmods.dat etc.?

Edited by azielok

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Well I just added another car and it worked, but I just deleted now the previous car that made this problem, maybe it was a bastard or something. (too bad, I really liked that car)


And yes, i added new lines to carcols and carmods.dat using the lines of the car that would replace.

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This is caused by a wrong handling or an id entry that can't be used or is already used

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