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BlueStacks: Use Android/GooglePlay Apps On PC...


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A friend of mine introduced me to this PC Application called BlueStacks which allows you to run/use any app that you can currently download from the GooglePlay store and use it on your PC.


It doesn't cost you anything to use and unlike other applications like this you are not required to install any 3rd party programs.


I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets frustrated sometimes when you'd like to have an app on your PC but it isn't in the Windows App Store such as KIK but with this app you can run KIK and it works perfect.


Just like an Phones and Tablets that use Android/Google Play you will be required to use your GMail/Google Account but you will not receive any unwanted e-mails this works exactly like it would if you were on your phone except it's on your PC.


This is also perfect for those of you who are still using a Windows 7 PC but don't have a device that can download iFruit this will allow you to finally use the iFruit App for GTAOnline


How To Download & Install BlueStacks & Use Application


1. Go to BlueStacks and scroll down and you'll see "Download App Player" just pick whichever system you have






Once you click the system you use, You'll be re-directed to another page thanking you for your download and a window will pop-up asking you to save file and once you do the download will start






Once the download is finished small window will pop-up and will load quickly and then another big window will pop up asking you to click continue click that.






Once you click Continue it will send you to the next screen which ask you where you want the application file to download too





Once you've chosen your file or you are fine in the file selected by the application then just click Next and it will take you to the next screen and give you the option to opt-in or out of the programs but you need to have "App Store Access" checked in order to have access to any apps but the "App Notification" is your choice you can turn it on and off in the settings.


All it does is give you a little notification in the bottom right hand corner of your screen such as if you have a new KIK Message of the app you are downloading is finished.






Once you click "Install" the app will you guessed it, Will start to install






Once the program is installed on your computer a new window will pop up this will be the actual application itself just let it do whatever it is doing






Once it is done Initializing it will ask you to sign into your existing account or create a new account.


If you already have a GMail/Google account you don't need to create a new account just sign in with your already existing GMail/Google account






Once you have signed in or made the account you will be taken to the App Store this is where you can start downloading your apps






Once you find an app you want just click on it and it will load and take you to a new window to where you can download the app.


To install an app just click the "Install" button on the top right hand side of the window






Now unless you are downloading a paid app you DO NOT need to add a Credit Card in order to download free apps so when the window pops up at the bottom you will see a button that says "Skip" click that and you can move on to download the app without needing to put in a credit card.






Once you have downloaded your apps you will be taken to this window this is will your apps will appear and you can search for other apps by clicking the "Search Button" on the left hand side and click the button on the right hand side to reveal all your apps you have downloaded






How To Bring Up The Settings Menu

To access the settings click on the Clock on the bottom right hand side of the window which will bring up another small window you will see a little icon that shows adjustable icon click on that icon to bring up another menu which then brings up a select to select the settings menu.


Once you click on Settings it will bring up the while settings menu this allows you to manage the language, applications among other things






Advance Settings

(How To Add Multiple Accounts)


Once you've opened the Advance Settings Menu click on Accounts & Sync






Go to the Top right hand corner and click "New Account" and it will do the same as it did when you first opened the app to sign in or sign up






How To Find/Check On Downloading Apps


When downloading an app you will see an Arrow on the bottom right hand corner near the little Handbag with a Checkmark and the Time click that and another window will pop-up revealing your downloading and downloaded app.


If an app is still downloading you will see a progress bar under the app but if it's done it will say Successfully Installed if for some reason it says "Failed" just click that app to go back to the app and try and install it again if it still doesn't install but other apps install fine it means there is a problem with the app itself, If all your apps fail to install that means the problem is with your computer.






What Do These Icons Mean?


1. Backwards Pointing Arrow - That is your back button to take you back to your previous page

2. Little House - This is your Home button when you click this you will be taken back to your homepage

3. Square & Half Square - This will bring up a list of all the recent apps you have used, To remove an app from this click click on the app and move it to the Right and it will be removed from the list.







1. Clock - This tells you the time

2. Three Point Sideway Arrow - This brings up your picture gallery which allows you to send pictures though KIK or upload them to Facebook and/or Twitter, Tumblr ect

3. This will make the app Full Screen and also revert it back to regular size

4. Circle W/ X Inside - This is used to close out the app completely when you click this you will close everything that you have open and then close the app itself










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It Is more deatiled tutorial than others on internet thanks for making such a detailed tutorial

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I remember using bluestacks to use a hacked copy of the Simpsons Tapped Out game to cheat and get more moneys and donuts

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