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Unmarked Cruiser in Online


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Not sure if many people actually know of its existence, but in GTA V, there is a variant of the Police Cruiser (the one that takes its design from the Ford Crown Victoria) that is Unmarked, and comes in various colours (Black, Blue and Grey/Silver) We should be given the option to customise this vehicle as it does not have a police livery and would blend in, allowing Police and Government themed Crews in GTA Online to use them for roleplay reasons, and the fact that the Unmarked Cruiser is a very nice car, and would be an awesome addition to GTA Online.

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don ovdi' island

It's an emergency vehicle. Unmarked or not, you will not get it as a PV in GTAO


I wanted a custom ambulance as a PV in GTAO.. all black with tinted windows :D I mean it allows players to ride in the back and faster than any of the cargo vans but nooooo...



The reason what many of you role-players don't understand is that GTA is not a role playing game (Is it?, is GTA an RPG?) Therefore R* doesn't give a shxt about you or your roleplaying needs. I mean you already paid for the game so..

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