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[WIP|SA] Zombie Andreas

Blood Tiger

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Zombie Andreas is a modification for "GTA: San Andreas" which completely changes the entire gameplay of the game.

Zombie Apocalypse came to several States because an unknown infection has infected most of the population! The remaining people are trying to survive and don't get murdered by each other.

Version "Complete" is almost the ultimate squeezing juice from RenderWare engine - new content, improving all the old features. And the gamemodes on the GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA LCS, GTA VCS maps and more!


Storyline Mode
A story about Mike that confronts with death of his wife - Amanda. Under he's life after tragedy he will meet miscellaneous characters, interesting adventures and plot twists in this hell!

Escape Mode

The main objective in this mode is find a walkie-talkie, and escape from the state in a certain time - 60 minutes.
As soon as the mode starts, the game selects a random character, given random weapon(s) to him, a random stock of items and will put him in a random situation - it all depends on the difficult.
For example, at the start he may already driving a car and running away from bandits or, for example, find himself in the forest alone with the marauder.
Also, player can have a teammate, or even a team. Full team is 4 survivors (with player).
However, you can't just escape on your own - you need a walkie-talkie.
There are also various camps scattered throughout the state where your game progress can be saved. However, saving takes 6 minutes.
Different factions will meet along the way - farmers, bandits, military, and police.
Bandits and the military will be hostile to the player - they will trying to kill him in any way.
Farmers and police are friendly until the player will provokes them.
Marauders will also meet - these are loners who will try to eliminate the player. They will always be hostile to him.
Do not forget about the usual infected, which will occur at almost every step. These are not the zombies that we used to see usually - infected fast, strong, even somewhat smart.
There are also special infected ones, they are stronger and have different abilities. A Tank, for example, can throw heavy objects, and a clown can attract zombie attention.
The player needs to go through everything and escape. In order for a player to escape, he needs to leave the state. This must be done with the help of a walkie-talkie, which must be used at the point of salvation.
After calling the rescue, the player needs to withstand the horde, which lasts several minutes. Time depends on the difficult. Also, towards the end, the player will have to kill the Tank.
To complete the rescue, the player needs to wait for the rescuers who will arrive on the vehicle, and then get into this vehicle. After that, the mode will be completed.

Faction War
Play as one of the factions (military, bandits, police and farmers). In this mode, you need to fight a war and clear the whole state.

In this mode the player are fights for the chosen faction: farmers (only on SA map), military, police, bandits. Police and farmers are forming a single fraction of the survivors.
The gameplay of this mode is the destruction of members of hostile factions and the capture their bases.
The ultimate objective in this mode, of course, is to capture all enemy bases and destroy all enemies (the residual number of which is noted in % (when capturing the last base, all opponents are taken away by 15% of the number)).
However, in the case of too many deaths of members of your faction, (if their percentage drops to 0) you will lose.
With the loss of allies, after a while new ones appear on the map, and they can be immediately teleported to the car.
In this mode, there are no special infected. So you can focus on the battle with the rest of the enemies.
Also, if you play as the Military, a military helicopter will fly to your aid, shooting down enemy helicopters. But if you are not playing as the Military, your helicopters may also be defeated.

Survival Mode

Survival is the most global gamemode in which the player has enormous freedom of actions and the absence of restrictions in anything.
He can loot buildings, drain gasoline, capture enemy camps, complete quests, upgrade vehicles and much, much more.
For each useful action, the player receives a little experience. Each specific amount of experience gained, the player receives a new level, gets 5 perk points (+10 for every 5th level), and the required amount to the next level grows exponentially.
The player also receives a small portion of experience for each day spent.
There are 35 perks, and for pumping most you need a certain level.
The perks themselves also have a level, which allows them to upgrade their more advanced versions (after opening their first level, of course).
Every 2-3 days in the State, an airdrop is dropped from the plane, which can be picked up (this is connected with one task; more on that below) and get useful supplies from it.
However, instead of waiting once in the same period, you can call Airdrop yourself, through the radio, at a great distance from the camps.
There will be more supplies in the Airdrop caused by yourself than in random, but this will attract the horde and aggressively-minded survivors, such as bandits.
Each month, the virus mutates little by little, due to which the infected ones become stronger.
Also only in this mode mechanics are present.
The camp leader can not only provide supplies, but also tell the story of his camp.

Every 12 minutes, the Leader of the camp has a quest, which, when taken, is generated from five options:

  • Saving a stalker - the quest is to find and save the stalker of the camp, which did not come out to connection. If a player does not have time to find a stalker in a given radius in 4 minutes, he will die.
    However, not everything depends on the player - if luck turns in the wrong direction, the target may die even in case of success on the timer.
  • Transportation of goods - you need to arrive at the camp with which the leader who issued the quest wants to establish a connection, and with the leader’s gasoline take their truck to their camp.
  • Destruction of special infected - you need to kill the mutated infected, who came too close to the camp.
  • Picking up an airdrop - is the first to pick up Airdrop, which should soon be thrown off at a certain point, and you need to bring supplies to the camp.
  • Capturing the base - revenge for the murdered novice stalker. The player needs to capture the base closest to the camp.


Holding Mode

(Only on SA map)

This mode is consisting in an improved escape as in Escape Mode, but with waves of infected, with weapons and body armors that given after the end of each wave.
And choice of maps (with medals for the time that the player spent on the map without dying (and a gold medal
for salvation)).

There are 9 holding points on the map:


  • SF Airport
  •  El Castillo Del Diablo
  • Shooting range in the desert
  • Whetstone
  • Zombotech
  • Big Ear
  • Motel
  • Farm
  • LS Airport

Versus Mode

Versus is an unusual mode where a player are fights for one team against another, changing teams each round - he can win back the survivors, or be one of the specials infected, who needs to kill the survivors.
The total number of rounds is 5. To defeat the opposing team in the allotted time, you need to score more points than opponents by killing members of their group. Likewise, for the death of your allies, enemy team receives points.
After the death of a player, no matter what team he is in, he will spawn in a random place with random weapons (if he is a survivor) and a skin, but the round continues, and the opposite team is given 15 points for defeating you (even if you died without their help).


Additional gamemodes:


Frenzy Mode

Another an unique mode where the player fights against a large number of specials infected with a Minigun (on the GTA III map, an enhanced M16 is used).
A total of rounds in mode is 8, each one ends after some time, increasing with each round in an algebraic progression, and which must be experienced in order to pass the mode.
In addition to the Hunters, the military helicopters will fly in the sky, bombing all with rockets (however, they usually do not fall into the player).
After each round, the player appears in a random place and with a random skin, the same thing happens after death, however, it is worth considering that the number of lives is limited - there are only 5 of them!

Mutation Mode

A mode where the rules of the "Escape Mode" mode are changed. For completing all mutations (except "HESOYAM") you will receive an achievement.
To die in four - 3 allies. If one of them dies - the game is over.
Lonely survivor - you are the only survivor in the state.
One versus all - everyone against you.
New dimension - the game in first-person ONLY (disabled on United and Stories maps)
f*cking hell - all survivors and factions are constantly on the map.
Drug master - your character is constantly under the influence of substances.
Four bustards - constant attacks of all 4 special infected in one time.
Guns apocalypse - all zombies have weapons.
Hardcore survival - a sophisticated Nightmare difficulty.
Explosive creatures - every zombie is a Hazmat.
Migratory birds - confrontation to 6 Hunters in one time.
Melee master - the player has only melee weapons.
Moonwalk - moon gravity.
TAAAAANK! - confrontation with 4 Tanks in one time.
HESOYAM - activation of a random cheat code every 10-15 seconds.

Known Issues:
 The HESOYAM mutation can crash due to the number of activated cheat codes, and this should not be surprising.


Zombieddon is the only and generally unique mode from the Challenges section, which hosts races based on the Carmageddon game (1997).
These races differ from the prototype. Instead of people, zombies are running along the highway, but basically everything is the same: you can go through the race in three ways, there is a choice of maps and bonuses.

The mode starts with the choice of the map, and there are 15 in total:

  • Country holocaust
  • Desert crush
  • Bloody coast
  • Utopian port
  • Hellish chili
  • The cliff of suicide
  • Circles around death
  • East Coast Petrol
  • Takeoff and landing
  • One foot in wilderness
  • Ace of spades
  • Bizarre Downtown
  • Crossout
  • Bald eight
  • Ring of anarchy

After choosing a map, the player gets to the starting position. He has 9 randomly generated opponents, just like he is randomly generated.
In addition, the character displayed in the small screen on the top right depends on the gender of the skin - if it's a woman, then Die Anna, if it's a man, then Max Damage.
During race, random bonuses will appear in random places that look like barrels in the air. There are 17 bonuses in total, most of them last 30 seconds from the moment they are received.
However, opponents can also take these bonuses, and since some of them give only a local effect, some bonus options are not available to bots.
If a player loses the time or destroyed by opponents, the game will over.

There are 3 conditions for victory, as in the original Carmageddon:


  • Destroy all enemies.
  • Be the first to race.
  • Suppress all infected.

After passing through the map in one of the ways, the corresponding icon is shown in the map selection menu to the right of the map itself.


Download "Complete" version:

Google disk - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OuUbxm-d7LyZxY5gh3l4AWm-oUWgLLKi/view


Latest Complete build is fully translated into English language and available to play! Of course, some errors and inaccuracies in translation can still be occur, if you find something - contact us.





The authors of the modification - BloodTiger (a.k.a. HeadShooter, Muxan500) & Sergey Makarov

The "Complete Team" members, testers, assistants, administrators - Sanek Bunik, Sadl Lampake & Philips_27


First former assistant and "right hand man" - Philips_27

Former member of "Complete Team", tester, assistant to group administrators (23.02.2019-05.05.2019) - Daniil Demchenko (a.k.a. RentSamp)


All third-party authors, all authors that tools and programs we used and third-party plugins authors and etc. are listed in the 'ReadMe' file.

VK Official Group (RUS) - https://vk.com/za_official

Discord Server (ENG, RUS) - https://discord.gg/wYG5Un



We strongly recommend reading the 'ReadMe' file, there you can find a lot of useful information about modifications, management, settings, technical difficulties that you may encounter and other things.

You can join our discord group if you want to ask us something or you encountered a problem or bug. You're welcome!


Have a nice game and welcome to HELL!

Edited by Blood Tiger
topic rebuild
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On 7/26/2014 at 1:35 PM, Tadzik said:

Looks good, but zombie apocalypse again, eh :bored:

Too much zombies in past 2-3 years in video games 😐

This mod it not so easy, the are have some new features and gamemodes.

Edited by Blood Tiger
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Looks similar to Left 4 Theft. This theme starts to get boring, but still, the mod itself looks decent.

  • Like 2
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Looks similar to Left 4 Theft. This theme starts to get boring, but still, the mod itself looks decent.

Only on first look :)

Edited by Muxan
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I not stealed anything in left 4 theft :)

I didn't say it, I just said they look similar overall.

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I not stealed anything in left 4 theft :)

I didn't say it, I just said they look similar overall.


I'm understood it now)

Im using translater sometimes, and here be a word "theft", and i saw it as theft of "left 4 theft".

Edited by Muxan
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I not stealed anything in left 4 theft :)

I didn't say it, I just said they look similar overall.


I'm understood it now)

Im using translater sometimes, and here be a word "theft", and i saw it as theft of "left 4 theft".


Thats funny

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here is my quick review.

The dialogue is horrible, I like the idea of the storyline but the English is very poor.
Also the missions are really hard, as in annoyingly hard, wheres the gradual difficulty, I even chose Easy Mode and it's still ridiculously hard. The music is cool tho.

I suggest you make "Easy" mode a lot easier.

Edited by tommzy2
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  • 2 years later...

What I usually do with Russian mods is create my own .fxt, if it's present.


It's easy and you can just play through the game to figure out what they mean :p It's like a detective.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello whether this modification is available in English

Modification is now in progress, but English version cannot be...

Edited by Philips_27
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  • 1 year later...
  • 2 years later...

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