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Getting into GTA on PC; question about Mods


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Hey there. I want to first apologize if I am not following a particular rule with this thread, be it that these sorts of topics are not welcome or I'm in the wrong place. I figure I would at least try here and hopefully get some helpful information in modding the GTA games on PC. I'm familiar with modding in general with games like ArmA II and III, but I am absolutely unfamiliar with the mod scene for GTA. Maybe someone here can answer my questions, concerns, and help guide me along. I'm planning on getting the GTA Collection on Steam, and from what I can gather, that does indeed effect some mod support for some of these games.


One of the reasons I want to get into the PC side of the franchise is really seeing the potential it has. I know of iCEhancer for GTA IV and how it really beefed up the games core visuals (I always hated the dithering the game had, especially on the 360), but what recently sold me on going right into it was finding out there were camera mods for GTA III and VC, as to me, those games are the hardest of the 3D titles to get back into because the camera controls in vehicles is rather poor compared to every other sequel. Basically, I dig stuff that enhances the direct experience without diluting or changing it in major ways. I don't mind content that adds removed content back like that Things To Do In San Andreas mod, but I've no idea on if anything of the sort exists for III or VC.


Also, from what I understand some of these older titles were not really designed for what we expect from PC gaming in 2014. I know there are issues with widescreening that some mods have fixed, but are there any other particular issues with these games that more recent mods will fix? I believe when I was looking into it that there were issues with the lack of reflections with car lights that was borked on the PC releases of these games.


I suppose if I want to summarize, does anyone have a comprehensive list of 'must have' enhancements to the 3D Universe GTA games on PC? From what I can gather so far, that would be a vehicle camera mod for III/VC to make it more like SA, widescreen fixes for III/VC/SA, SilentPatch for III/VC which addresses some of the issues of playing the games on newer hardware, Xbox Mod for III to update the visuals (unless there's a better graphical mod for this game), and the LCS and VCS remakes (I believe VCS has two remakes on PC in the works). I'd like to play the games as optimally as possible with mods to update and enhance the core meat of the game from a visual to a gameplay standpoint. Hopefully someone may be able to enlighten me if I missed anything as I am sure I have; I've only tried digging into GTA III's mod lineup.


Again, I would like to apologize if I made an uh oh with this thread either in its creation or where I have made it.

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