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SOTW #89


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Welcome to the next edition in the SOTW series.. number 89!

Congratulations to GunWrath for winning last week's competition with this great signature:

Animations ARE Allowed
Must be new work, can't reuse a signature from past competitions
Must fit into forum guidelines: 500x150
Must be own work
No Memes
Anyone is welcome to participate, just use your creativity!

If you're a member of a group, fellow group members are not allowed to vote
for you. This is to keep the competition fair and comfortable.

This week's theme is this Stock Image


Make anything you like out of it just use a part of this image in it.

An entry that's just a crop of the image and a border will be disqualified. Work for the title :p

Deadline: Thursday, July 31st

Good Luck :D

Thanks to Robton for providing the theme and image.

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Wow, that's actually really nice.

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Sorry if I stole a little bit of your signature but you inspired me so I needed to do it too.

Awsome art with the lights anyway!

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