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R* should give players control over their Buzzards.

Peace Sword

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Peace Sword

Right so normally I will play the Chopper Tail, it takes a few days to do and doesn't take long to figure out,and if you do it right it will take longer than rooftop rumble.


So I decided I should invite some more people along to the Chopper Tail, where we will make a sizeable amount of a decent take back home.

Besides the scenery is better at Chopper Tail I hate Madrazos house and the parking lot is just plain awful after a while.


So after getting into my Buzzard slowly but surely it started taking off and it grew into itself and began firing its missles at the cars and speeding its rotors faster and faster, I tried to hold down on the left stick but it wouldn't listen and just kept on firing missiles as it pleased, many of my team were trying to dive from the buzzard and had already fallen to their fists but I insisted on flying the Buzzard.


After turning towards the police chopper and finally giving chase it shook I shook its rotors into the ground with a searing loud sound and then it just exploded with hundreds of people running out of the Buzzard and swarming the road, they began to run in front of cars many were killed they were blind with confusion and panic and suddenly swarms of people were running over the mountains and the buzzard took flight and picked them up with his bare hands and squeezed the poor man crushing his bones and he sank his teeth into his face and ripped his entire jawbone apart.


A baby calf has no teeth and will suck your cock dry.

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Am I that stoned or didn't I comment on a thread that read just like this one?


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